Why connect Help Scout to Savio?

When you connect Help Scout to Savio, your support team can push customer feedback from Help Scout to Savio simply by adding a tag to a Help Scout conversation.

You eliminate meeting, spreadsheets, and Trello boards. And most of the manual labour is removed, you guarantee that valuable customer feedback will be seen by your product team.

Save product feedback from Help Scout

Customers regularly send your support team insights about how to improve your product.

As a product manager, you want to be able to read the important parts of those conversations. And your teammates in support want to share them with you so you fix them and they start hearing about NEW requests from customers (with minimum change to their workflow, of course).

Savio's Help Scout integration helps you accomplish both.

What you get

With the Savio Help Scout app you and your team can:

  1. Tag a customer conversation in Help Scout, which pushes it to Savio
  2. Add a hashtag to an internal Help Scout note, which pushes it to Savio

No Savio Account Required
Note: the person who pushes feedback from Help Scout to Savio does not require a Savio account.

How it works

Once you install the app, you pick a Help Scout tag. When you apply this tag to a Help Scout conversation, Savio will pull it in for your product team to read and triage:

You can then push feedback from Help Scout conversations to Savio in two ways.

1. Tag a Help Scout conversation

When you add the preselected tag to a Help Scout conversation, Savio will import that conversation as new feedback.

When you push a message to Savio, Savio will add a note to the Help Scout conversation indicating that the feedback has been pushed successfully:
In Savio, you'll have a link back to the Help Scout conversation to see the full context, if necessary.

2. Hashtag a Help Scout note

When you use your tag as a hashtag in an Help Scout note, Savio will import that note as feedback.

For example, if Savio is importing Help Scout messages with the tag feedback, you'd add #feedback to a Help Scout note for Savio to pull it in.

Imagine you have this conversation:

There are two feature requests here. If your support team was being kind, they would separate this into two different pieces of feedback.

So they could add two Help Scout notes and add the #feedback hashtag to each: In this case, Savio would have two new pieces of feedback:

Connecting Help Scout to Savio

Connecting Help Scout to Savio is straightforward.

1. Visit Savio Settings page

Visit your Savio Settings page and click this button:

2. Authorize access for Savio

Then Authorize Savio to access your Help Scout account:

3. Select the tag Savio should pull in

4. You're done!

Your support team will be able to push messages or internal notes from Help Scout to Savio. This will happen when they add the tag you selected in step 3 to a Help Scout conversation, or when they use it as a hashtag in a Help Scout note.