A system to manage your feedback and make better product decisions.

Store feedback from anywhere

Save feedback to Savio with a Chrome extension. Your teammates never leave their Support tool, CRM, or Google doc to save feedback into Savio.

Skip meetings (and spreadsheets)

Communicate feedback from Support, Sales and Success to Product online with a purpose-built tool instead of time-consuming meetings and spreadsheets.

Integrates with tools you use

Quickly push feedback shared in Slack to Savio. Integrations to push feedback from Intercom and Zendesk coming soon.

Segment feature requests

Focus on the customers you care about: segment your feature requests by customer plan, MRR, keyword, and more.

Make better decisions

See at a glance how many times a feature has been requested, cumulative MRR of the customers who requested a feature, and plans they're on.

Be customer driven

Before building, find and reach out to interested customers for input. After you launch, thrill your customers and tell them you’ve built what they asked for!

Track customer feedback. Build great software.

With Savio, Product teams can answer questions like these:

  • "What features do my Enterprise customers want?"
  • "Which customers have asked for a better Search feature?"
  • "How many customers have asked for better reporting?"
  • "What does our feature list look by when sorted by number of customer requests? What about sorted by cumulative MRR?"
All your feedback in one place
Capture feedback from Slack

Collect feedback
from anywhere

Save customer feedback to Savio:

  • with a Chrome Extension
  • sharing from Slack
  • sending an email to your secret Savio email address
  • by tagging conversations in Intercom and Zendesk (coming soon)

Focus on the right customers and feedback

Focusing on your Enterprise customers this quarter? See feature requests that they've asked for.

Just care about customers paying more than $500 / month? See the features they've requested instead.

Savio imports your customers from Intercom, Segment, or via API. Savio also imports MRR and plan to develop features for the key customer segments you're focusing on.

Filter your feature list by MRR, customer plan, and more

Close the loop
with your customers

Find and reach out to the right customers when:

  • You want to validate their problem (and your solution)
  • You've built a feature they requested
Have customer info on hand to quickly reach out