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Track feature requests to drive expansion and retention

Track requests from any tool your customer sends it to

Save customer feedback to Savio with a Chrome extension. Your teammates never leave their Support tool, CRM, or Google doc to track feature requests in Savio.

Bring data to your product team

Share your most popular requests with your Product Team. To make your case bring customer MRR, number of requests, plan, and more.

Tight integrations mean painless tracking

Quickly push customer feedback shared in Slack, Intercom, or Help Scout to Savio. Integrations to push feature requests from Zendesk, Salesforce, and Hubspot CRM coming soon.

Drive expansion revenue and increased retention

Delight your customers by giving them the features they need to succeed with your app.

Keep a tight feedback loop with your customers

Before building software, find and reach out to interested customers for input. After you launch, thrill your customers and tell them you’ve built what they asked for!

Who uses Savio?


  • Have a system you can depend on to track requests.
  • Prioritize and build for your key customer segments
  • Track features through the dev process (coming soon)
  • Close the loop with customers
  • Create product marketing emails in a snap

Customer Success

  • Identify product opportunities to drive expansion revenue and keep retention high
  • Use data to build a case for Product management to prioritize oft-requested features
  • Track features through the dev process (coming soon)
  • Export data and create all the reports you need
  • Close the loop with customers

Product Managers

  • Identify product opportunities to drive expansion revenue and keep retention high
  • Identify the features your key customer segment(s) want built
  • Use data to inform your prioritization process
  • Track features through the dev process (coming soon)
  • Share customer lists with Product Marketing and Customer Support to close the loop

Centralize your feature requests and use data to prioritize

With Savio, Success and Product teams can answer questions like:
  • What are our most-requested features?
  • What's the cumulative MRR of each feature request?
  • What features do my Enterprise plan customers want?
  • Which customers have asked for a better Search feature?
  • How many customers have asked for better reporting vs. single sign on?
All your customer feedback in one place

Centralize requests from all your customer-facing tools

Faster and less disruptive than centralizing in spreadsheets, Trello, or Airtable

Capture feature requests shared in Slack
Track feature requests:
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Identify top requests for important customer segments

Keep key customers happy to drive expansion and retention revenue

Focusing on your Enterprise customers this quarter? See feature requests that they've asked for.

Just care about customers paying more than $500 / month? See the features they've requested instead.

Savio imports your customers from Intercom, Segment, or via API, along with MRR, plan, and customer attibutes. So you can isolate the feature requests that your key customer segments want.

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Filter your feature list by number of votes, MRR, plan, and more

Keep a tight feedback loop with your customers

Have conversations with the right customers to build features they actually need

Reach out to customers quickly via email or where they shared feedback
Quickly see all the customers who asked for a specific feature. Then:
  • Use this data to drive prioritization with your product team
  • Clarify your customers' problems by quickly reaching out to them
  • Get customer feedback on your solution when it's still cheap to change
  • Close the loop and delight your customers when you build what they asked for

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