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Tracking in a spreadsheet

Time consuming and painful to switch tools and copy / paste

Feature Requests fall through the cracks

Conversations with Product Management are based on customer anecdote or incomplete data

Building trust with Product Management is a struggle

Customers don't get their feature requests built

Closing the loop with customers is painful or doesn't happen

Customers churn because you can't convince Product to close feature gaps

Tracking with Savio

Integrations let you track without disrupting your workflow or switching tools

All your Feature Requests safely captured in one place

Conversations with Product are based on organized feature request data

Become a trusted partner to Product Management

Easily identify and close feature gaps for customers

Quickly close the loop with customers at scale

CS and Product delight and retain customers by collaborating and closing feature gaps

Centralize Feature Requests without switching tools

Track feature requests via tight integrations with support tools and CRMs

Centralize feedback without switching tools

Track Feature Requests:

Run your Product meeting with data

Become Product's ally, close feature gaps, and delight your customers

  • Prioritize requests by plan, MRR, timespan, or any other customer attributes that are important to you
  • Share customer verbatims with Product
  • Track feature requests through the product development lifecycle
Filter your feature list by number of votes, MRR, plan, and more

Ensure Product builds the features your customers need

Send customer verbatims to Product so they can build a great solution

All Feature Request data on one page
  • See every verbatim for a feature on a single page
  • Read and share customers' exact words to align on a solution
  • Contact customers to clarify their problems (and your solution)
  • Jump back to the original support conversation to get any missing context

Close the loop with your customers

Delight customers when you build features they asked for

  • See features that need loop closing (at a glance)
  • Close the loop with any number of requesters in just a few clicks
  • Track who you closed the loop with in your CRM
  • Keep customer retention high
Quickly close the loop with customers

Collaborate with customers on your (optional) Public Voting Board

See public requests alongside private ones from your support tool and CRM

Set up a public voting board and collect feature requests in a few minutes
Collect feedback and requests on your public voting board
  • Develop in public and give your customers more transparency about your roadmap
  • Get feedback directly from your community
  • Get feedback only on features you care about (features aren't public by default)
  • Hide vote counts to prevent biased voting

Learn about Voting Boards
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