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Are spreadsheets or Trello boards really the best way to manage feature requests?

Feedback falls through the cracks without a reliable system

Problem 1: Spreadsheets are inefficient

  • Tracking is time-consuming and manual
  • Customer feedback falls through the cracks
  • Product is unsure whether requests represent your customer base
  • Can’t filter or sort by MRR, plan or other customer data
  • Can't give visibility to colleagues or customers about requests

Problem 2: An ad-hoc workflow is painful

  • Every team tracks requests differently
  • Feature Requests come from a variety of channels and aren't centralized
  • Requests aren't structured when saved - garbage in, garbage out
  • Time's wasted trying to understand what's actually being requested
  • Organizing and prioritizing is highly manual

How Savio Streamlines Your Feature Request Tracking Process

A lightweight system to track feature requests from customers & colleagues

  • Log requests without leaving your support tool or CRM. See integrations.
  • Review and categorize product feedback to ensure requests are high quality
  • Easily identify popular feature requests for key customer segments
  • Give customers and colleagues visibility into the status of feature requests
Features shows each requester's name, company, verbatim, MRR, and plan
Step 1

Centralize Feature Requests from Success, Support, and Sales

Make it easy for your Feedback Champions to get requests into the system

Centralize product feedback without leaving your tools
Step 2

Review and categorize product feedback so it's high quality

Roll up customer feedback so it's easy to work with later

  • Attach incoming feedback to a relevant Feature Request
  • Ensure the customer's root problem is logged
  • Customer name, MRR and other customer data is automatically recorded alongside product feedback
Link Product Feedback to a Feature Request
Step 3

Know the top requests for your important customer segments

Feature requests aren't created equal - why treat them that way?

  • Slice and dice requests by any customer data in your CRM, Support Tool, CDP, or database
  • Identify important requests based on number of requests or potential MRR
  • Prioritize requests from active or churned customers, prospects, and lost deals
Sort and slice and dice feature requests by number of requests, total MRR, and more
Step 4

Give customers and colleagues visibility into Feature Requests

Close the loop and let customers track feature status

  • See account-specific Feature Requests inside Salesforce or Hubspot CRM
  • Customer-facing teams can track a Feature Request's status as it move through your dev team’s pipeline
  • Communicate features that are planned, in progress, or completed
  • Close the loop with multiple customers in just a few clicks
Close the loop with dozens of customers in just a few seconds
Bonus: Voting Boards too

Not your typical voting board

Create public, private, or per-customer voting boards (only if you want)

  • Optionally use a voting board in addition to feedback tracked from other tools
  • Build publicly, or restrict access to your board
  • Communicate feature request status to your community
  • Get feedback only on features you care about (features aren't public by default)
  • Hide vote counts to prevent biased voting

Learn more
or see Savio's Voting Board

A voting board that gives you control and prevents bias

Not just another Feature Request Tracking Tool

Here’s why customers choose Savio

You want to build partially or completely in private

Sharing your entire feature list publicly isn't for everyone. If letting it all hang out isn't for you, Savio might be a good fit.

Quantifying the impact of Feature Requests is important to you

Some customers matter more than others. You want to bring data to the prioritization process so you understand the revenue impact of building one feature request vs another.

Your customer-facing teams receive feature requests in different tools

Your teams can quickly log feature requests from any support tool or CRM without leaving the tool. Here are the tools Savio integrates with.

Productboard, Canny, and UserVoice don't feel like a good fits

If Productboard is overkill, Canny too public, and UserVoice too expensive, Savio might be a good fit.

You're ready to adopt a new process

You'll work directly with Savio's founders to make sure your feature request tracking process works for your team.

We've helped hundreds of teams so far -- we can help you too.

What customers say about Savio

”You know when you tell a customer 'I'll pass that along to our developers'? Savio actually lets you do that and makes it matter.”

Ryan S
Customer Experience Manager

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“Savio has given more visibility into the 'value' of our feature requests. Having customer data about who submitted feature requests means we can make informed decisions when analyzing product improvements.”

Abbey W
Product Operations Analyst
Housecall Pro

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“If you're collecting customer feedback (which you should be), you need a place to store, organize, and distribute that feedback. Savio does that really well.”

Nelson J

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