Use customer feedback to drive growth: a guide for SaaS Product Leaders

This guide is a comprehensive overview of why and how you should use a system to gather and use customer feedback to build better software and drive growth at your company.

It’s for Product Leaders at B2B SaaS companies.

It’s based on in-depth conversations with hundreds of Product Managers at B2B SaaS companies that make products - great products - that you know and love.

It’s also born from our experience working on and running product and engineering teams at large companies like Microsoft and, startups like Predictable Revenue, and our own bootstrapped companies.

We’ve started and sold multiple businesses, and felt the pain of trying to use customer feedback to make good product decisions.

Sure, we’d cobbled together piecemeal solutions. But we always felt nagging doubts. Perhaps we could be building things that our customers wanted MORE than the things we were building.

It seemed like the answer to that question lay in getting a more comprehensive picture of our feedback.

And after talking to Product Leaders at some of the world’s fastest growing and customer-focused companies, it was clear they felt the same way.

So, below is the guide we wish we had when we were starting our careers.

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Enrich your customer feedback with data from Segment

Segment is an incredible platform that collects, cleans, and stores your customer data. You install a single snippet of Javascript on your site, and then can send customer information (like name, user_id, email address, MRR, plan, account name, and more) and event information (did_some_key_action) to other platforms with no additional coding.

And as of today, you can send your customer data from Segment to Savio.

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Prioritize Your Features

Use Savio to centralize and organize product feedback from Help Scout, Intercom, Slack, or anywhere else (with a Chrome Extension).

Then use your feedback to better prioritize your feature requests