New Feature 🥳: Saved Filters for Feature Requests

Filters help you find the feature requests most relevant to you. Now you can create and save custom filters to find the feature requests that are most relevant to your work. Here’s how.

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New Feature 🥳: Savio Launches Products and Product Areas

Have multiple Product teams? Now you can separate feedback and feature requests between different products or product areas so each team can stay organized.

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Tracking Feature Requests from Slack

If you use Slack, you might find that customer and product feedback comes in through it. You should track it. Here’s how.

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Track Feature Requests in Hubspot CRM

If your sales team uses Hubspot CRM, the odds are high that you have valuable voice-of-customer feature requests locked up there. Requests might be captured in deal notes, win/loss data, emails exchanged with prospects, or other places. Here's how your customer experience and product teams can track them.

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New Feature 🥳: Push Feedback Updates to Slack

Lacking transparency in your feedback? Now you can set up Savio to automatically post feedback updates into a Slack channel so your whole team has visibility into your customer needs.

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Customer Feedback Analysis Tools for Understanding Voice of the Customer

Looking to understand the voice of your customers? Here are the top tools for analyzing their feedback and drawing critical insights.

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How Much Does a Salesforce Feedback Management License Cost? [+ Alternatives]

Salesforce’s feedback management tool is expensive and has a very specific use case. It might not be exactly what you need, especially if you don't have a six-digit survey budget. Here’s what it costs compared and some better-value alternatives.

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The 10 Best In-App Feedback Tools for SaaS Companies

Looking for a feedback tool you can embed directly in your app? Here are the 10 best in-app feedback tools for SaaS companies.

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How to Track Feedback and Feature Requests That Come in via Email

Get product feedback and feature requests via email? Here’s how to capture them in your feedback collection system.

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How to Respond to Feature Requests [Complete Guide + Templates]

You’re getting a deluge of feature requests. How do you respond? Here’s what you need to know plus a set of templates you can copy, paste, and tweak.

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Track Feature Requests Better — Tips for Upping Your Game

Want to track your feature requests? Check out these tips for Track Feature Requests.

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The 8 Best—and Free—Feature Request Tracking Apps

To be customer-centric, you need to understand what your customers want from your product. Do this by tracking the features they ask for. Here are the 8 best feature request apps you can use to track customer feedback—for free.

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A Robust Customer Feedback System for SaaS Companies [+ Example]

Customer feedback is gold, so make sure you’re collecting it. Here’s what a robust customer feedback system looks like, together with a fully implemented example.

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10 Feature Upvote Alternatives for More Sophisticated Customer Feedback Management

Looking for a better feature voting solution? Here are 10 of the best Feature Upvote alternatives.

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Top 13 Canny Alternatives for Every Use Case

Looking for a better feature voting solution? Here are 13 of the top Canny alternatives.

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Savio Alternatives—And Why Savio is Still the Top Feature Request Tracking App

Savio is a best-in-class feature request tracking app. But we acknowledge that it doesn't do *everything* (yet). Here are some alternatives to Savio, and how they stack up.

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12 Powerful Feature Request Apps for Software Development

To be customer-centric, you need to understand what your customers want from your product. Do that by tracking the features that they ask for. Here are the 12 best feature request apps for doing that.

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The Best Way to Track Feature Requests in Trello

Trello isn’t exactly the best tool for tracking feature requests... but it can serve in a pinch. Here’s how to set up Trello to track feature requests, step-by-step.

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9 Upvoty Alternatives for More Sophisticated Customer Feedback Management

Looking for a better feature voting solution? Here are 9 of the best Upvoty alternatives.

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The Top 12 ProdPad Alternatives for Building Better Software

These are the best 12 ProdPad alternatives for product teams building software. Learn what they are, what features they have, and what they cost.

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How to Track Product Suggestions from Your Customers [A guide]

Your customers are giving you product suggestions. Learn how to track them so you can improve loyalty and build a better product.

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How to Get Feature Requests from Your Sales Team [A Guide + Tips]

Your sales team receives valuable feedback and feature requests from your prospects and lost deals. How can you ensure that those insights get to your Product team? In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide you can follow and tips for making it successful.

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11+ Feature Voting Tools (+ Tips to Avoid Voting Board Pitfalls)

Public voting boards can be a rich source of product feedback. But they can also lead you astray if you’re not careful. In this article, we give you 11+ tools you can use to set up feature voting for your users. And as a bonus, we give you some tips on how to do feature voting effectively.

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How to Handle Customer Feature Requests: A Step-by-Step Guide [with Examples]

How can you manage customer requests for new product features? Here’s a robust system that you can follow, step-by-step.

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Intercom Tagging vs. Savio for Tracking Feature Requests

Is using Savio just the same as tagging conversations in Intercom? No—there are important differences. In this article, we explain how to use Intercom tagging to track feature requests. We look at the benefits and drawbacks of that system, and compare it to using Savio.

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55+ Examples of How SaaS Companies Get In-App Product Feedback from Customers (Steal These)

You want to ask your customers for feedback on your app… but how should you do it? One strategy is to just copy your competition. Here’s an enormous list of examples of how SaaS companies are asking for feedback to help you get inspired.

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Introducing Savio’s Feedback Form and the “My Feedback” Page

Feedback forms give your customers a place to leave feedback and ask for new features. And the “My Feedback” page lets them keep track of what they asked for. In this article, we explain these two features and why you'd use them.

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New Shortcut Integration 🥳: Update Savio Feature Request Status Automatically from Shortcut Stories

Use Shortcut as your product management tool? Savio’s Shortcut integration automates feature request status updates so you never have to ask your Dev’s what the status is on a feature. Check it out.

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Should You Track Feature Requests in Jira (or Any Other Issue Tracker)?

Thinking about using Jira to keep track of customer feedback and feature requests? You can, but there are some important drawbacks. Here’s what you should consider and how to make it work.

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How to Track Salesforce Expansion Revenue for your Feature Requests

Choosing what to build is one of the most important problems in software. One factor you may want to use to prioritize is the potential expansion revenue a new feature could yield. And it's easy to calculate and display potential MRR for each feature in Savio using our Salesforce integration. Here’s how to set it up.

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How to Track Hubspot Expansion Revenue for your Feature Requests

Deciding what to build is maybe the most important problem in software. But you can easily calculate and display potential MRR for each feature in Savio using our HubSpot integration. Here’s how to set it up.

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Feature Tracking Just Got Easier 🥳: Say “Hello!” to Our Jira Integration

We just launched a new integration with Jira. It’ll make your Dev team’s life easier and help you stay updated about feature statuses. Here's what it does and how to use it.

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From “Best Enemies” to Allies: How CS can Share Customer Feedback so that Product Actually Listens

CS and Product teams often feel like “best enemies”. There's tension—and sometimes even conflict. Here’s how to shift to become trusted allies and actually use customer feedback to build better products.

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20 Customer Feedback Management Tools You Can Use to Build Better Software

Want to build an amazing product that delights your customers? Your best bet is to collect customer feedback and then use it to prioritize the features you build. Check out these 20 Customer feedback management tools that you can use to building better software, impress your customers, and reduce churn.

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13 UserVoice Competitors that Will Save Your SaaS Startup $11,000 a Year

UserVoice is really expensive for what it does. And even Microsoft is finding new solutions. Here are 13 alternatives that can save you up to $11,000 a year.

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How to Track Customer Feedback and Feature Requests in Salesforce

Looking for a clean way to track customer feedback and feature requests from SFDC? The native Salesforce feedback management tool isn't ideal. Here’s why and three better options.

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Save $6,000 Every Year with These 14 Productboard Alternatives for Tracking Customer Feedback

Productboard is really expensive for what it does. Get customer-centric and build the product your customers really want with these sleek and effective feedback tracking tools and save up to $6,000 a year.

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12 Powerful Feature Request Software Tools for SaaS Teams

Not confident about your roadmap? Use these top tools to organize and prioritize software feature requests and build a product that sells

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20+ Best Product Feedback Software Tools

Knowledge is power. And customer knowledge is sales power. Here are the best software tools for collecting feedback and using it to inform product decisions.

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The 29 Best Customer Feedback Tools for SaaS in 2022

Customer feedback is essential for building the ultimate SaaS product. Find the best tools for getting it.

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How To Use Feedback to Build Better Software At Every Step in Your Development Process (With Examples)

Customer feedback is product gold. And it’s not only useful for prioritizing features. Here’s how else you should be using your feedback.

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How to Use Customer Feedback to Get Product Buy-in and Manage Stakeholders

As the product lead, you know what you should be building. But sometimes your colleagues have different ideas. Here’s how to use customer feedback to get buy-in on your product vision.

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Productboard Pricing in 2021: How much does Productboard Cost?

Productboard is an expensive roadmapping building app that has a built-in customer feedback collection tool. In this article, you'll learn what it costs and whether it's worth it.

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UserVoice pricing in 2022: how much does UserVoice cost?

Uservoice is an expensive customer feedback software solution aimed at Enterprise clients. In this article, you'll learn how much it costs.

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Saying No to Feature Requests

Hear from 6 PM/CX leaders on how they say no to feature requests.

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Getting Product Management To Listen to Feature Requests

Hear from 10 PM/CX leaders about how they get PM to listen to feature requests.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Customer Feedback

Hear from 18 PM/CX leaders on what they ask their customers to get feedback

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Locating and Utilizing Valuable Feedback Channels

Hear from 15 product and CX leaders on what their most valuable feedback channels are.

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Streamlining The Process of Feedback Collection

Hear from 11 CX leaders on who in their business runs their feedback system.

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Boost Your Monthly Product Meeting on Customer Feedback

Hear from 8 product leaders about how they run their product meetings in regards to customer feedback.

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Sharing and Actioning Customer Feedback in Product Teams

See how These PM/CX Leaders Encourage Feedback-Driven Decisions in their B2B SaaS.

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Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback: It Boosts Sales and Retention and It’s Easy To Do. Here's How.

Closing the loop with customers after you build what they asked for is an easy way to grow sales, reduce churn, and encourage product feedback. Here’s how to design a leak-proof close the loop system.

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How these B2B SaaS Leaders Handle Dissent about Product Roadmaps

Hear from 6 product and customer success leaders on how they deal with dissent about product roadmaps.

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Using Customer Feedback to Reduce Churn

Churn is a challenge that all product and customer success leaders deal with and aim to eliminate. Hear from 9 company leaders about how they approach reducing churn in their enterprise.

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How to Prioritize Feature Requests and Build a Product Your Customers Actually Want

You need to prioritize your feature requests effectively to build a product your customers actually want. Here’s a system to do that effectively using qualitative customer feedback data.

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Why we launched a contrarian kind of public voting board

Existing voting boards like UserVoice have been around since 2008. But they bias customers to give feedback that isn't necessarily true. So we built and launched voting boards that eliminate bias and give you a truer picture of what your customers want.

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How to Track Customer Feedback: Your Guide to Designing a Killer System That Works

To get good feedback you need more than just a good survey tool—you need a system that works. This article will give you a step-by-step guide to building one.

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We improved email deliverability from 43.7% spam to 1.4% after a spammer exploited our SaaS

Spammers exploited our "close the loop" feature to send 20,000 unsolicited emails. Which meant that some paying customers sent close the loop emails to their customers, but those emails ended up in spam folders. Here's how we diagnosed and solved our email deliverability problem.

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Why Customer Success should own more of your Product Roadmap

Customer Success has the insights necessary to understand their customers' problems. Customer Success is often responsible for retention and expansion revenue (the keys to net negative revenue churn and SaaS growth). Because of this, it's inevitable Customer Success will own more of the product roadmap over time.

Plus, hear how 17 Customer Success leaders from companies like AppCues, Catalyst, Proposify, Help Scout, Yopto (and more) influence the product roadmap at their organizations.

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Use customer feedback to drive growth: a guide for SaaS Product Leaders

This guide is a comprehensive overview of why and how you should use a system to gather and use customer feedback to build better software and drive growth at your company.

It’s for Product Leaders at B2B SaaS companies.

It’s based on in-depth conversations with hundreds of Product Managers at B2B SaaS companies that make products - great products - that you know and love.

It’s also born from our experience working on and running product and engineering teams at large companies like Microsoft and, startups like Predictable Revenue, and our own bootstrapped companies.

We’ve started and sold multiple businesses, and felt the pain of trying to use customer feedback to make good product decisions.

Sure, we’d cobbled together piecemeal solutions. But we always felt nagging doubts. Perhaps we could be building things that our customers wanted MORE than the things we were building.

It seemed like the answer to that question lay in getting a more comprehensive picture of our feedback.

And after talking to Product Leaders at some of the world’s fastest growing and customer-focused companies, it was clear they felt the same way.

So, below is the guide we wish we had when we were starting our careers.

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Enrich your customer feedback with data from Segment

Segment is an incredible platform that collects, cleans, and stores your customer data. You install a single snippet of Javascript on your site, and then can send customer information (like name, user_id, email address, MRR, plan, account name, and more) and event information (did_some_key_action) to other platforms with no additional coding.

And as of today, you can send your customer data from Segment to Savio.

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Track feature requests from Typeform surveys

Typeform is a fantastic tool to collect feedback from your customers. You can use it to collect NPS, CSAT, churn, and other types of customer feedback.

But when those responses contain feature requests, you can ensure they get sent to Savio to be prioritized alongside requests from all your other tools. Learn how to track feature requests from Typeform in Savio in this article.

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Tracking feature requests in Intercom

If you are using Intercom as your support tool or to communicate with prospects you’re almost certainly getting messages that include valuable customer feedback and product feature requests. Those messages are pure gold. Are you tracking them?

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Tracking feature requests in Help Scout

If you are using Help Scout as your support tool you’re almost certainly getting messages that include valuable customer feedback and product feature requests. Learn how to setup a process for tracking them.

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Using Zapier to collect customer feedback

Learn how to use Zapier and the Savio API to automate sending feedback from a variety of tools to your centralized feedback vault.

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Organize customer feature requests to influence the product roadmap

With Savio you can centralize and organize product feedback from Help Scout, Intercom, Zendesk, HubSpot, Slack, or any other tool (with a Chrome Extension).

Slice and dice your feature requests by MRR, Plan, or any other customer attributes.

Share feedback trends and verbatims with your product team.

Close the loop with customers.

Learn more about Savio