Why use the Savio API?

You can use the Savio API to send feedback to Savio programmatically. You can also use the API with integration services like Zapier.


The Savio API uses token based authentication. You can find your API token on your My Settings page.

When using the API as a webhook target in Zapier or similar service you need to include your API Token as an HTTP header:

HTTP Header Value

Note that the value of the Authorization header must the word Token followed by a space and then your API token.



The Savio API currently supports the following methods:


Feedback can be created via a POST to https://www.savio.io/app/api/create-feedback/.

Return values

Result Response Code Value


Parameter Required Description


$ curl https://www.savio.io/app/api/create-feedback/ \
-H 'Authorization:Token REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_API_TOKEN' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '
    "problem": "You need a Zapier integration so I can wire up Google Forms.",
    "feedback_type": "CHURNED",
    "person_email": "bob@example.com",
    "state": "ACTIVE",
    "feature_request_title": "Feedback API",
    "tags": ["red", "green"]