Integrate with your dev tool

Automatically sync status from your dev tool, and get faster buy-in from devs.

Always know the status of your in-dev features

Update a Feature Request’s status as issues move through your dev tool workflow.

Currently available on JIRA and Shortcut.

Change feature request status automatically as issues move through your dev pipeline

Changing an issue status in your devtool automatically changes a linked Feature Request's status

See Dev Tool Issue status inside Savio

See the status of every dev issue necessary to ship a feature without leaving Savio.

See devtool issues inside Savio

See linked devtool issues and status inside Savio

Get devs bought into your product plans

Share full context with your dev team. Savio can automatically add a link to read customer feedback to any relevant dev tool issues.

Give your devs the customer evidence to get faster buy-in.

Add a link to Savio Feedback for your Devs to Read