Broca Used Savio To Unite Their Teams Around Customer Feedback

Img Broca uses AI to create marketing content. Here’s how they used Savio to level up their system for capturing customer feedback.

Like so many companies, Broca had an inefficient system for capturing customer feedback. Their customer experience team would note feedback in their CRM—which was great. But it would stay there, inaccessible to other teams and unable to actually influence feature development.

Savio helped them create a system that worked. It provided a centralized place for feedback to live where it is accessible to all teams. Because it’s organized, customer feedback is analyzed and used to make informed decisions about what features they build next.

Overview: Broca uses AI to scale marketing content

Broca provides a SaaS service that makes content marketing a snap. They use AI to generate high-quality social media content in minutes. It enables marketing teams to spend less time on content creation and more time on strategy.

Broca’s customers use their software to produce ads, landing pages, social media posts, and more. Because of the variety of needs, their customers provide them with a steady stream of feature requests and feedback.

Problem: Broca didn’t have a solid system for capturing customer feedback

If you can’t capture feedback and roll it together in a meaningful way, you can’t use it effectively. Broca didn’t have a feedback system that integrated with all the tools their teams were using. Broca’s engineers tracked projects in Git. Their customer experience team tracked feedback in notes in their CRM tool. The two systems didn’t fit together.

It was disconnected

The two groups didn’t have a way to connect feedback or make sure that it was considered in feature planning. There was a disconnect between the feature development pipeline and the voice of the customer.

It couldn’t scale

Their process worked fine when they were small, but they were growing. More customers meant more feedback and more feature requests to keep track of. They needed an effective solution that could scale with them.

Solution: Broca started using Savio to capture feedback in a single spot and to share it with their teams

Savio brought their feedback into a central location where it was tracked effectively.

It integrated easily with Intercom, so their Customer Success team didn’t need to switch tools. Feedback could be assigned to feature requests, which enabled Broca to see which requests were the most popular and what their most valuable customers wanted. And all their teams could access the feedback when they needed to.

It made customer request tracking easy

Ryan Schiff, Customer Experience Manager at Broca, notes that it used to be common for suggestions to get lost in the shuffle. Savio helped keep track of all their customer feedback and make sure it actually counted when they were deciding what to build next.

“You know when you tell a customer "I'll pass that along to our developers"? Savio actually lets you do that and makes it matter.”

It fostered collaboration

Savio helped bring Broca’s teams together. It made communication between product, customer experience, and the development teams much more effective and it united everyone around the voice of the customer.

“Savio is a great place for Customer Experience, Project Management, and Engineering to collaborate and triage features before they go to the Git pipeline. It’s a bridge between the folks that work with customers and the folks that work on the product, so that you're not just shouting suggestions into the void.”

It’s flexible

Savio fit into the processes that Broca already had. It made it easy for their teams to contribute feedback in a way that made sense for them.

“Different people [can] create action items or user stories however they want, and it's easy to merge them.”

Result: Savio helped bring Broca’s teams together around customer centricity

Broca now has a robust system for customer feedback so nothing gets lost and they’re able to make more intelligent decisions about the features that they choose to build. The big wins have been:

  • Creating a scalable system. Broca can now track feedback and feature requests efficiently no matter how big they get or how much feedback they receive.
  • Everyone’s on the same page. Each team at Broca has access to customer’s feedback, and it actually influences what they build.
  • Better customer relationships. Ultimately, their customers feel heard and they get to use a product that they love.

Savio can make your customer feedback tracking more efficient

Do you want a better way to keep track of your feature requests and make sure you’re building what your customers want?

Note: Savio helps you centralize, organize, and prioritize product feedback from your GTM team, by integrating with Slack, HubSpot, Intercom, Zendesk, SFDC, Help Scout, and more. Learn more about Savio.

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If I was going to make a tool for project managers or product owners, I would have created Savio, feature for feature.

Ryan Schiff

Customer Experience Manager, Broca

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