Reclaim Used Savio To Build a Customer Feedback System that Could Scale

Img Bavio helped Reclaim build a customer feedback system that could grow with them.

Reclaim was tracking customer feedback with spreadsheets and Notion. It wasn’t a sophisticated system, but it worked okay—at least until they started really growing. Then they realized they needed a process that could scale.

That’s when they built a system around Savio. It helped them keep track of their feature requests, bring them closer to their customers, and share feedback with all their teams. Here’s how they did it.

Overview: Reclaim takes time management to the next level is a powerful calendar assistant for busy professionals. It helps you reclaim your time so you’re able to find space in your schedule for all your important but non-urgent tasks.

Reclaim uses artificial intelligence to automatically block flexible events into your calendar—things like exercising, writing, reading, and more. If you need to hop on a last-minute meeting, reclaim will shift the event to ensure you’re still able to make time for it.

Reclaim has a simple but powerful concept and a well-designed product. So it’s no wonder they’re becoming popular. But the explosion in growth resulted in a corresponding increase in customer feedback.

Problem: Reclaim’s customer feedback tracking system couldn’t scale

Henry Shapiro, Co-Founder of Reclaim, explains that they used to track their feature requests using a combination of spreadsheets and Notion. That system worked well when they were smaller, but it couldn’t scale. As soon as their user numbers grew to the thousands, their system started to break down.

Their system didn’t connect to their support tool

Reclaim uses Intercom for customer communications and support. They needed a way to quickly funnel the feedback they received on Intercom into a central place where it could be tracked and used to prioritize features.

Their system didn’t scale

Spreadsheets can only get you so far. As soon as the volume of feedback increased, Reclaim had trouble actually using a spreadsheet to make informed product decisions. They needed a process that could grow with them.

They needed something simple

Shapiro says that he wanted something light weight, easy to use, and—most importantly—that just worked.

“I didn't want a platform that was too feature-heavy and overly complicated—I just wanted to map features to requests!”

Solution: Reclaim used Savio to build a lightweight feature request tracking system

Reclaim designed a lightweight customer feedback tracking system by connecting Intercom to Savio. Now Reclaim tracks requests from Intercom in a single click. It’s easy to map feedback to requests and get a sense of the relative priority of each request.

Beyond just a more organized bank of customer feedback, Savio has provided Reclaim with a number of other benefits.

Finding “medium-sized” requests

In the old system, customer feedback was addressed immediately or sorted through once a quarter during a road-mapping process. Savio has helped Reclaim find space to consider the requests that fall in the middle.

“It helps us immensely to track the stuff that is "smaller than a quarter, but bigger than a week"—and there's tons of it.”

It helped identify users

Savio has made it easier for Reclaim to reach out and build relationships with their customers. For example, It’s easy to see which customers have provided super in-depth feedback and may be particularly invested in the product. That makes it easy for Reclaim to know who to talk to when they need UX interviews or when they need individuals to beta test new features.

“Savio also helps us to identify groups of users to get feedback from when we're planning a new feature and to notify them once we've launched it.”

Great support

Reclaim found that Savio was easy to set up. And when Shapiro had issues, he just reached out for help.

“The support I got was awesome when I was setting up the Savio Intercom integration.”

Feedback gets shared with the product team

Customer experience teams are owning more and more of the product roadmap. But that doesn’t always mean that product and development teams are as close to customer feedback as they should be. Savio made it easy for Reclaim to share feedback so all of their teams know what customers are asking for.

“Anytime I write a requirements doc, I include a Savio link to relevant requests so our designer can see the exact user feedback and reach out to folks for clarification.”

Result: Reclaim is now better able to serve their customers

Reclaim used Savio to make their customer feedback system much more efficient. They’ve been able to:

  • Improve prioritization. Savio gives them the tools they need to understand the bigger picture from their customer feedback and decide what features are most important.

  • Share information. It’s not just Reclaim’s Customer Success team that sees the feedback anymore. It’s easily accessible to all their teams.

  • Build customer relationships. Savio has made it easy to reach out to customers when they want to clarify feedback, and also to close the loop when Reclaim builds a feature their customers asked for.

Savio can help you keep track of your feature requests so they don’t become overwhelming

Are you growing so fast you can’t keep up with the feedback your customers are giving you? Savio can help you design a feedback system that works.

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I dig Savio’s founders, it's really clear that they've lived the PM life and the product shows that. I love the integration with Intercom and the simplicity of how Savio works.

Henry Shapiro


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