Painlessly track feature requests for your Product Team

Focus on helping your customers, not digging through spreadsheets or Trello boards.

Track feedback without leaving your support tool

Centralize customer feedback in Savio for your Product Team to review. Send feedback to Savio when you:

See how to send Savio feedback from πŸ‘‡Help Scout or Intercom
Tag a conversation to send it to Savio
Quickly centralize your feedback

Better than Trello or a Spreadsheet

Savio is purpose-built for tracking feedback, which means:

  • You don't leave your support tool to track feedback
  • No digging through rows or cards to upvote the right feature
  • Feedback is automatically saved with the customer and account
  • See a note in your support ticket that links to tracked feedback in Savio (if it's been tracked)
  • No Savio account necessary for support reps if you track feedback from Help Scout or Intercom
  • You can quickly email all customers telling them you built their feature (coming soon)

All your feature requests in one place

With all your feature requests in one place:

  • Quickly see what your most popular feature requests are
  • Share possible solutions with your Product team
  • See requests sorted by cumulative customer revenue
  • See feature requests by person or account
Centralize, sort, and filter your feature requests
Click to the source tool to read the whole conversation

PMs can get all the context in the source conversation

In Savio, your Product Managers can click through to the source tool to read the full conversation

If your PM needs to clarify the feedback, they can either ask the customer directly, or leave you an internal note to ask the customer on their behalf

A Product Management Platform
for Customer-Obsessed Teams

B2B SaaS teams use Savio to centralize customer feedback
and create evidence-based roadmaps

Log Product Feedback

Centralize feedback in one place.
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Analyze Requests

Prioritize your most valuable features.
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Build your Roadmap

Get stakeholder buy-in on product plans.
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Close the Loop

Lower churn and win more deals.
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