Savio's Mental Model

This guide gives you a short overview of the high-level concepts in Savio, and how they relate to each other. When you're done reading it, you'll have a much better grasp of the building blocks Savio uses to help you collect, manage, and analyze your customer feedback to make good product decisions.

Savio's Building Blocks

Savio has three core building blocks: People, Feedback, and Feature Requests.

They're covered more in detail below, but here's a simple way of thinking about how Savio works:

  1. People send in Feedback from tools your team uses, like Intercom, Zendesk, Help Scout, Salesforce, and Hubspot CRM
  2. That Feedback lands in your Savio Feedback Inbox, where your product team triages it
  3. During Triage, Feedback is assigned to a Feature Request. A Feature Request can have many pieces of Feedback
  4. During planning, you can filter your Feature Requests by number of People requesting it, MRR, Plan, and more.
  5. You can also drill into a Feature Request to see who's requested it and to reach out to the Person for more information

1. People

Each Person in Savio:

  • has a name and email address
  • belongs to an optional Account (if you use Accounts).
  • has MRR and Plan properties (if you use Accounts, we'll pull MRR and Plan from the Account)

When you first sign up for Savio, we import People from Segment, Intercom, or from your database using our API.

2. Feedback

Each piece of Feedback has:

  • a customer problem
  • the Person who submitted it
  • the type of person at that moment in time (a churned customer, active customer, lost deal, etc)
  • a link to a Feature Request

When Feedback is sent to Savio, it lands in your Feedback Inbox. Feedback can be sent to Savio in one of nine ways:

3. Feature Requests

Each Feature Request has:

  • a title and description
  • links to many pieces of Feedback
  • the cumulative MRR of the people who've sent you Feedback
  • a Status (Untriaged, Under Consideration, Planned, In Progress, Shipped, Won't Do)
  • one or many Tags. A tag is a way to group Feature Requests together. They could be things like "Lower Churn", "Increase Activation", "Quality of Life Features", etc.
  • a Priority and Effort (none / low / medium / high)

Putting it together

Now that you've got a good understanding of how Savio hangs together, here's a quick summary.

  1. You've got People (with MRR and Plan) who send Feedback to Savio. That Feedback gets assigned to a Feature Request.
  2. You can filter your Feature Requests to see requests from People that meet an MRR threshold, or are on a specific plan.
  3. You can drill into a Feature Request to see the People that requested it, and to reach out to those People to validate problem, solution, and to close the loop with them after it's built.