DocSpring Began Efficiently Tracking Feature Requests with Savio

DocSpring used to track feedback inefficiently. Here’s how they used Savio to create a robust feature request tracking system that let them make better product decisions.

DocSpring’s system for tracking customer feedback and feature requests used to be chaotic. Feedback would get lost and it was difficult to use it to meaningfully inform product decisions.

Savio helped them create a system that worked; one that kept track of everything, enabled useful insights, and ultimately let them design a product informed by those insights.

Using Savio, they created a single system that made it easy to organize and use their customer feedback data.

Overview: DocSpring makes it easy to automatically generate PDFs

DocSpring is a service that makes it easy to fill out and generate PDF documents with API requests. Users can create and edit PDF templates with form fields. Then, they can use a webform or post data to their API to automatically generate a PDF.

DocSpring’s clients automate their workflow and easily generate documents.

DocSpring enables users to simply generate PDFs using API requests.

DocSpring works with clients in a number of different industries from real estate, law, insurance, immigration, and accounting. Each of these industries has different feature needs, so it’s important that DocSpring has a robust system for keeping track of their customer feedback and then prioritizing it.

Problem: DocSpring’s customer feedback tracking system didn’t work well

Customer feedback is only useful if you can capture it all and then use it to make product decisions. DocSpring wasn’t able to do that because their system was disorganized.

Too many tools

The system DocSpring created relied on several different tools to keep track of feedback, and these tools didn’t talk to each other. Nathan Broadbent, Founder of DocSpring and his team were using a mix of Evernote, Google Docs, and Trello.

A lack of organization made it difficult to get valuable insights

Because feedback and feature requests weren’t centralized in one place, they would get lost. That meant that it was difficult to use the feedback to inform product decisions.

“Information was scattered all over the place, and it was impossible to keep track of what customers were asking for.”

Solution: DocSpring replaced three ineffective tools with a single, powerful one

Savio made it easy to create a system that could integrate with the other tools the team already used. Rather than keeping pieces of feedback in Evernote, Google Docs, and Trello, it got pulled together in Savio where it was triaged and prioritized.

Savio connected to the tools they were already using

Between the Chrome extension and integrations with email, Slack, Help Scout, Intercom, and Zapier, Savio works where you work. That’s why DocSpring could add customer feedback to Savio no matter where it came from.

“It's very easy to get feedback into Savio through Intercom and email.”

Easier to use and keep customer feedback organized

Customer feedback often needs to be processed to be useful. It needs to be reviewed, categorized, and linked to particular feature requests. That can be difficult to do.

For DocSpring, using Savio allowed them to bundle together similar kinds of feedback and connect those with particular product options.

“Savio makes it much easier to keep track of all of my customer feedback and link these to feature requests.”

Provided guidance on a better process

Once DocSpring has a system that organized their feedback, they were able to analyze it using customer attributes that matter to them. That meant that they could delve deeper into their feedback and find insights that could be useful for product decisions. Nathan says,

“Another benefit is that Savio offers a workflow for how feedback should be triaged and processed. So it's not just a tool, but also a different way of doing things. Being able to sort requests by active customers and MRR gave us valuable new data to better prioritize features.”

Result: DocSpring used Savio to create an efficient feedback tracking system that helps inform product development

DocSpring is now able to better serve their customers and prioritize feature requests using feedback from their users. With Savio, they’ve been able to:

  • Use one tool instead of three. The result is that all their feedback is in one place and nothing gets lost.
  • Organize their feedback. They can see exactly what their customers want and which customers want which features.
  • Improve product decisions. Better insights from customer feedback data mean that DocSpring is better able to build a product their customers actually want.

Savio can help you save time, capture more feedback, and build a better product

Are you looking to spruce up your customer feedback system so it’s easy to use, takes less time, and gives you useful product insights?

Note: Savio helps you centralize, organize, and prioritize product feedback from your GTM team, by integrating with Slack, HubSpot, Intercom, Zendesk, SFDC, Help Scout, and more. Learn more about Savio.

Savio makes it much easier to keep track of all of my customer feedback and link these to feature requests, and now I'm able to prioritize features properly.

Nathan Broadbent

Founder, DocSpring

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