Savio Integrates with Chrome

Centralize Product Feedback with the Savio Chrome Extension

Use the Savio Chrome Extension to centralize product feedback from every tool you receive it in.

Log product feedback from all your tools

Log product feedback to Savio from any web-based tools (like a CRM, Support tool, Google Docs, Notion, Gong, and more).

Add metadata like Product, Product Area, Customer Importance, and Customer Journey Stage for easier prioritization later.

Log product feedback from any tool with the Savio Chrome Extension

Log and structure product feedback with the Chrome Extension

Log feedback without leaving your tools

You're busy helping customers or closing deals, so switching from your support tool or CRM to log feedback is disruptive.

With the Chrome Extension you don't leave your tools. Just open, log, close, and get back to the main part of your job.

Log product feedback with SFDC

Log product feedback without leaving your tooling

See the Chrome integration in action