The Savio Story

👋 Hi, we're Ryan Stocker and Kareem Mayan. We're Savio's co-founders.

Over our 20 year dev and product management careers at companies like Microsoft,, and MySpace, we each wanted an app to help us:

  1. Centralize and organize product feedback from customers and colleagues

  2. Prioritize that feedback

  3. Build and share evidence-based roadmaps

  4. Close the loop with customers to drive growth

In 2017, we sold our second software company and sat down to figure out what to build next. We looked hard at the Product Management tooling market, and realized there was nothing out there that helped product teams use customer feedback to build evidence-based product roadmaps.

So we decided to build Savio - the tool we wish existed when we started our careers.

Ryan Stocker
Ryan Stocker
Kareem Mayan
Kareem Mayan


In addition to being customer-funded, we've raised a round from the great folks at TinySeed.