How Scale Computing Uses Savio to Streamline Feedback Collection and Make Data-Driven Product Decisions


Scale Computing switched to Savio to turn their feedback tracking culture into a competitive advantage. Their PMs were using an inefficient process and fragmented tools to collect and analyze customer feedback, which is where Savio stepped in to help.

Scale Computing’s homegrown feedback system obscured valuable customer insights needed to drive product decisions.

By adopting Savio’s product management software for tracking feature requests, Scale Computing increased feedback collection and are now able to use data to build a better product.

About Scale Computing

Founded in 2008, Scale Computing is a leader in edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions with thousands of customers globally. Their SC//Platform combines virtualization, servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery with fleet management to deliver a single manageable solution for running highly available applications at distributed edge locations.

Scale Computing has 8 Product Managers who rely heavily on customer feedback to inform product decisions. However, their process for tracking and analyzing all of the qualitative data associated with customer feedback and feature requests was broken.


Feedback tracking felt like flying blind

Scale Computing initially used shared spreadsheets to compile product feedback. With inputs coming from multiple teams in various formats, important insights were getting lost.

Their homegrown system integrated with Salesforce but required extensive manual work to validate and process each submission. This cumbersome process meant feedback was submitted inconsistently and was often out of date by the time product managers accessed it.

According to Senior Product Manager Taylor Leick, "It was really buggy and a ton of work, so it was often broken. The pain of the process was forcing me to not do something I knew was right, which was to log the feedback somewhere central."

Without a way to segment and analyze the feedback, product managers lacked visibility into which feature requests were most valuable. The data was too incomplete to reliably inform prioritization.


A comprehensive product management solution

After trying spreadsheets and a homegrown system, Scale Computing needed a solution focused specifically on centralizing product feedback from customer feedback.

Taylor evaluated five alternatives, but found most were designed for public voting boards, which often leads to a feature-centric approach rather than strategic decision-making based on customer needs. Taylor says: “we didn't want to just be completely led by whoever happened to really engage with the voting board rather than what we really thought was best for the entire customer and partner  base.”

Scale Computing needed a flexible tool their team could use internally to efficiently capture and analyze large volumes of feedback.  After reviewing options, Taylor chose Savio for its Salesforce integration and easy feedback logging tools like the Chrome extension.

Instant access to feedback from every source with Savio

With Savio, Scale Computing finally had an integrated system where all teams could submit feedback in a few clicks. The Salesforce integration enabled instant access to customer data (like revenue) associated with each request.

According to Taylor, "The Chrome extension has been amazing for our teams—they all love the ease of it." Now sales reps can submit relevant snippets directly from web pages, ensuring a more complete capture of insights.

The setup took only minutes. Savio’s flexibility allowed Scale Computing to pull in custom Salesforce fields to sort and filter data, unlocking new insights.  Says Taylor: “we've selected a handful of metrics that are custom fields in Salesforce that we can then sort the feedback on, which is really useful.  Segmenting feedback and assessing what is the most important thing for us to tackle next is really powerful.”

Scale Computing needed a flexible tool their team could use internally to efficiently capture and analyze large volumes of feedback.

Savio is like “a second brain” for making data-driven product decisions

Scale Computing uses Savio to reduce bias and aid in data-driven decision-making. Taylor says:

“I think of Savio as the product’s team ‘second brain’.  We talk to multiple customers every week, and it’s easy to say ‘I feel like this is an issue’.  But then you can go look at the evidence to see who it’s an issue for, and how important it is, to see if it makes sense to build.”


Scale Computing’s Product team has benefitted from using Savio:

  • Clearer priorities:  Linking revenue data to feature requests helps the product team objectively prioritize the most valuable requests.
  • Strategic insights:  Analyzing trends over time revealed under-the-radar needs, leading to successful new features.
  • More feedback from different teams: Sales and support reps can share customer needs that quickly get logged in Savio without switching tools.
  • Data-driven decision making: Scale Computing is able to rely on evidence stored in Savio to ensure product decisions are unbiased and will drive growth.

These benefits gave Scale Computing’s product managers the qualitative insights they needed to make data-driven decisions and build a better product. In Taylor's words, Savio has “made it really easy for us to develop really good habits around documenting the feedback in a way that can be shared and help drive decisions.”

Like Scale Computing, your product team can unlock the power of customer feedback data to build products your customers will love!

Schedule a demo of Savio to learn how our product management solution for aggregating insights helps you capture more feedback and uncover hidden opportunities to create evidence-based roadmaps.

Savio has made it really easy for us to develop really good habits around documenting the feedback in a way that can be shared and help drive decisions.

Taylor Leick

Senior Product Manager, Scale Computing

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