One Feature Request Workflow For Your Sales Team

Collect structured feedback from sales reps. Segment feature requests by HubSpot CRM data. Re-engage prospects when features ship.

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Your prospects need specific features - but you have no way to give the right evidence to your product team

Feature requests exist in different places, like email, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, Gong, and Zendesk, making it hard to collect everything.

Each sales rep tracks feedback differently, making it impossible to roll-up themes and make sense of it.

You can’t show product the data to support which groups of features need to be prioritized first, so the most recent deal wins priority.

Centralize, organize, and prioritize your feedback using revenue data from HubSpot CRM to better align on product decisions

See What Your Top Prospects Are Requesting

No more digging into call notes, emails, and Slack.

Get a complete history of what top prospects are requesting by linking product feedback to data in Hubspot CRM.

Savio Feature Request list screenshot

Segment Feature Requests by Prospect Data

No complicated reporting.

Build the features that help you sell more by segmenting requests using data like opportunity value, territory, or lost deals.

Filter feature requests

Log Feature Requests from Anywhere

No jumping screens.

Collect all of your requests in one place with a single workflow that integrates feedback from multiple channels, without having to log into a separate system.

Structure feedback entry for easy filtering later

Close the Loop with Sales Teams

Don’t leave your Sales team in the dark.

Give visibility by automatically updating feature status from JIRA, Linear, or Shortcut - right inside Hubspot CRM companies and contacts.

see feature requests inside hubspot

Eliminate the bias of what will drive the most revenue. Align on the right features for your ICP.

Others who ditched the spreadsheet

”Savio improved how we communicate with Product because we can now talk about our users' specific needs. We're not just guessing, and our discussions are backed up with data.”

Kasia J, User Research @ Survicate

“Savio has given more visibility into the value of our feature requests. Having customer data about who submitted feature requests means we can make informed decisions when analyzing product improvements.”

Abbey W, Product Ops @ Housecall Pro.

“If you're collecting customer feedback (which you should be), you need a place to store, organize, and distribute that feedback. Savio does that really well.”

Nelson J, Product @ Tettra.

“Being able to sort requests by active customers and MRR gave us valuable new data to better prioritize our features.”

Nathan B, Product @ DocSpring.

”Savio helps us immensely to track the stuff that is 'smaller than a quarter, but bigger than a week'—and there's tons of it.”

Henry S, Product @

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