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All Core Features Plus

  • 5 Chrome Extension Submitters


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All Core Features Plus

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All Core Features Plus

  • Salesforce integration
  • Single Sign On
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Core Features

Can do...
Feature w/o Savio account as Submitter as Admin
Track feature requests from Slack
Track feature requests from Intercom or Help Scout
Track feature requests via email
Track Feature Requests with Chrome Extension
Triage inbound feedback
Import customers from Segment and Intercom
Pass in User and Account attributes
View and filter all your customer feedback
View and filter all your feature requests
See all feedback for any feature request
Prioritize and plan your features
Close the loop with customers
See feature list for product marketing
Founder Customer Support

Gain visibility into your Customer Feedback

"I would absolutely recommend Savio! It has saved us hours of weekly work despite an increase in feedback volume.

It's also given more visibility into the value of our feature requests, what type of customer has given each piece of feedback, and provided our support and sales departments with a quick, seamless submission process with the Chrome extension."

Abbey, Program Analyst, Housecall Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Admin"? How is that different from a "Submitter"?
An "admin" is someone who logs into Savio to look at feedback and feature requests. Typically these are Voice of Customer managers, Customer experience and Success managers, product managers and executives, designers, UX researchers, and developers.

A "submitter" is someone who submits feedback via email or the Chrome Extension.

How can I add more Admins? More Submitters?
Once you've signed up you can add admins to your Savio vault. We'll handle the math for you and pro-rate additional admins.

Submitters can join by downloading the Chrome Extension and registering through there.

Do my support reps need Savio accounts to send feature requests from Intercom or Help Scout?
Nope. A Savio admin needs to track feature requests in Intercom or track feature requests in Help Scout. Once set up, your support team can send feature requests to Savio by tagging a conversation in Help Scout or Intercom. They never leave their support tool and no Savio account is necessary for them.

Is my data secure?
Absolutely. We're hosted on AWS, use HTTPS, and have been shipping software for companies like Microsoft and ESPN for 30+ years combined. You should rest assured that this ain't our first rodeo and your data is safe with Savio.

I have another question.
Drop Ryan and Kareem (Savio's founders) a line here.