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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "Admin"? How is that different from a "Submitter"?
An "admin" is someone who looks at most of the feedback and feature requests. Typically these are product managers, product executives, designers, UX researchers, and developers.

A "submitter" is someone who submits feedback via email or the Chrome Extension.

I have another question.
Drop Ryan and Kareem (Savio's founders) a line here.

How can I add more Admins? More Submitters?
Once you've signed up you're able to invite admins. We'll handle the math for you and pro-rate additional admins.

Submitters can join by downloading the Chrome Extension and registering through there.

Is my data secure?
Absolutely. We're hosted on AWS, use HTTPS, and have been shipping software for companies like Microsoft and ESPN for 30+ years combined. You should rest assured that this ain't our first rodeo and your data is safe with Savio.