How Housecall Pro Used Savio to Boost Feedback, Increase Value, and Reduce Processing Time

Housecall Pro used Savio to revitalize their customer feedback tracking system. It saved them time, improved their feedback, and helped them make better product decisions.

Housecall Pro had a customer feedback tracking system that wasn’t working: it took too much time, so their teams weren’t using it. Many helpful customer insights were lost instead of informing the product prioritization process. That meant their product team was flying blind when deciding what to build.

Savio helped them streamline their feature request submission process so that it saved time. The better process meant all their customer-facing teams started using it.

The result was more feedback, processed in less time, and better product insights about how to solve customer problems.

Overview: Housecall Pro is a leader in field service management software

Housecall Pro has developed a suite of field service management software solutions for companies that provide home services—technicians, tradespeople, and other professionals.

Their range of software features is impressive. They offer software for scheduling appointments, dispatching technicians, estimating and invoicing costs, and website hosting and design. They even offer specialty software for a variety of industries like electrical, plumbing, and window cleaning.

Problem: Their customer feedback tracking system didn’t work

With over 60,000 professionals using their software and making feature requests, Housecall Pro needs a robust and efficient system for tracking customer feedback and feature requests.

Housecall Pro had an existing feedback tracking tool that integrated with Intercom, which they used with their chat team.

But their previous tool didn’t work with their unique needs and processes. It wasn’t flexible enough.

The poor system cost them significant time and money

Their old system required substantial manual labour. It took three to four employees a substantial amount of time to validate and archive the feedback.

Because it took so much time to process and validate feedback, it got backed up: at one point there were 600 customer submissions waiting to be validated and archived.

It didn’t integrate with all customer-facing teams

Their previous software integrated with Intercom, which the chat team used. But it didn’t integrate with the tools from their other teams. That meant that it was difficult for their sales and support teams to submit feedback.

The result?

The sales and support teams stopped submitting feedback. It was too much effort for them and the value of that effort wasn’t clear.

It only provided a limited amount of information

Perhaps the worst characteristic of the system was that it didn’t provide the information they needed to make solid product decisions.

That’s because it didn’t segment their feature requests by customer attributes; they couldn’t see which of their customers submitted feature requests. That meant they couldn’t make informed decisions when analyzing potential product improvements.

It was a costly system that didn’t provide value.

Problem-solving approach: Finding a tool that integrated seamlessly with their existing processes

Abbey Webber, a product operations analyst at Housecall Pro, tried a number of different feedback tracking options.

They needed a feedback tracking tool that would integrate with Intercom as well as Segment and their other tools. According to Abbey,

“I signed up for about 5 different trials after ruling out all other tools and options due to a plethora of reasons and shortcomings.”

Solution: Savio simplified the process and provided visibility into the “value” of feature requests

Abbey began using Savio to track customer feature requests and feedback.

She found that the product has provided several very valuable improvements to Housecall Pro’s process for tracking customer feedback.

Quick, seamless submission process for all teams

Abbey notes that the Savio Chrome Extension has been invaluable. It lets all of her teams quickly and easily send customer feedback to Savio without leaving the tools they’re already using.

“The Chrome extension has been amazing for our teams—they all love the ease of it.”

The Savio Chrome Extension

More feedback, different customers

Because the process is easier for other teams to use, those other teams, including the sales and support teams, are now actually submitting feedback.

That means that feedback is coming in from different customers than before, giving a more complete picture of what their customer needs are.

“We have a ton more feedback coming in from our teams that are constantly on the phones with our customers and hearing very different feedback than our chat team.”

For example, they’re now hearing from churned customers as well as prospects.

“The ability to track churned customers or prospects has been huge and will continue to be increasingly beneficial for our sales and retention team.”

Savio makes it easy to pull out feature requests from different customer groups, like churned customers.

Increased visibility into the “value” of feature requests

With Savio, Housecall Pro can now slice and dice their feedback data based on customer attributes. They’re able to see what their most valuable customers want and can make more informed product decisions because of that.

Result: More feedback, less processing time, and greater value

“Our company has loved the simplicity of the feedback submission process and having access on their Chrome browser at all times. It has also saved us hours of weekly work despite the increase in feedback submission.”

The results have been impressive.

  • Savio freed up employee resources by providing a simpler, faster process for submitting, processing, and analyzing feature requests.

  • Savio made it easier for teams to submit, so more teams are submitting feedback. That feedback comes from different customers, so it provides new, valuable product information.

  • Savio made it easier to analyze feedback by customer attributes like customer industry or size. That allowed Housecall Pro to make better, informed product decisions from their feedback data.

Savio can help you save time, capture more feedback, and build a better product

Are you looking to spruce up your customer feedback system so it’s easy to use, takes less time, and gives you useful product insights?

Savio has given more visibility into the 'value' of our feature requests. Having customer data about who submitted feature requests means we can make informed decisions when analyzing product improvements.

Abbey Weber

Program Analyst, Housecall Pro

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