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Tag Feature Requests to send them to your Product team

No more spreadsheets or digging through Trello cards. Focus on answering support requests.

Intercom, meet Savio

Tag your conversation. Send it to Savio. Profit.

Start capturing Intercom feedback in 10 seconds

How it works:

  • Pick an Intercom tag that Savio will listen for
  • When a customer sends a feature request to Intercom, apply this tag to the conversation
  • Savio will pull in the conversation for your Product Managers to act on
Choose the Intercom tag to import

👋 See ya, spreadsheets. Hello, supporting customers.

Add your pre-defined tag to a conversation and Savio will import it

Don't use another tool to send feature requests to Product. Here's how Savio works:

  • Just add your pre-defined tag to a conversation
  • Savio pulls it in for your Product Managers
  • You get back to helping your customers
  • You don't even need a Savio account

Ensure feature requests reach your Product Team

Savio adds a private note when you tag a conversation.

That way, you can be 100% sure your feedback arrived safely for your Product Managers to read.

An internal note confirms Savio received the feedback

All the context for your Product Managers. Without hallway conversations.

Click to Intercom to read the whole conversation

Your Product Managers can read the full Intercom conversation from Savio.

If your PM needs to clarify the feedback, they can either ask the customer directly in Intercom, or leave you an internal Intercom note to ask the customer on their behalf.

Share user requests with your Product team - backed up with data

Back up customer feature requests with user verbatims and data

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