Savio Integrates with JIRA

JIRA integration for Savio

Automatically update Feature Request status as linked tickets move through your JIRA workflow.

Know a Feature's status without visiting JIRA

The JIRA integration updates a Savio Feature Request's status based on the workflow states of linked issues in JIRA.

Automatically update feature request status based on JIRA issue state

Map JIRA workflow states to Savio Feature Request statuses so JIRA tickets can automatically update Savio status.

See every JIRA story's status inside Savio

See all the JIRA stories necessary to ship a feature, at a glance.

Also see each story's JIRA stage so you know how close a Feature is to being delivered.

See linked JIRA stories inside Savio

See linked JIRA stories and states inside of Savio

See the JIRA integration in action