Centralize your product feedback

Get a steady flow of structured feedback from your customer-facing teams.

Log feedback from anywhere, without workflow disruption

Native integrations let your customer-facing teams log structured feedback to Savio from any tool they use.

Integrations are optimized for speed of entry so feedback actually gets logged (and never falls through the cracks).

Centralize feedback

Structure feedback for easy filtering later

Log context with your feedback like customer importance, product, product area, customer journey stage, and more.

Filter by context later to find (for example) all must-have features (customer importance) in your iOS app (product) from active customers (customer journey stake).

Structure feedback entry for easy filtering later

Structured feedback entry makes filtering easy later on

Group similar feedback into Feature Requests

Customer feedback can run on to sentences (or even paragraphs.)

Group feedback about the same Feature Request together to make it easier to analyze and work with.

Organized Product Feedback

Similar feedback is linked to a single Feature Request

Unorganized and siloed to structured and centralized

By providing a fast workflow for teams to log feedback, nothing falls through the cracks.

So you can make product plans using the complete picture of what your customers need.

Product Roadmap