Close the Loop

Notify customers when you ship their requests to reduce churn and win more deals.

Close the loop at scale

Send a personal email to dozens (or hundreds) of requesters when you ship a feature they asked for.

Use a "close the loop" email template to save time write your email notification.

Savio Close the Loop

Quickly send a personalized note to every requester

Reduce churn and drive expansion revenue

Give current customers reasons to stay and opportunities to expand by telling them when you ship features they requested.

Active customer feedback

Close the loop on Feature Requests from active customers to reduce churn

Win more deals

Give sales a reason to re-enage when you ship features prospects and lost deals require to become customers.

Lost deal feedback

Have a reason to reenage and win more lost deals

Fits your workflow

BCC your CRM to keep track of outbound emails. Have replies to your emails go to your help desk (or you). Keep track of which customers have been notified.

Track who you closed the loop with

See who you notified (and who you still need to notify)