Don't Lose Product Feedback in HubSpot

Build evidence about the features your customers need to influence your product roadmap

HubSpot, meet Savio

Slice and Dice Requests by any HubSpot Contact or Company Attributes

Savio imports your HubSpot contacts, companies, and attributes. So you can:

  • Find all feature requests for a Contact
  • Look up all requests from everybody at a Company
  • See total MRR of everybody who requested a feature
  • Look up requests from everybody on a given Plan, above a specific Deal Size, or by any other attribute you store in HubSpot
Slice and dice your feature requests by any attributes you pass to HubSpot

See Feature Requests on HubSpot Contact and Company pages

Have better situation awareness when talking to customers and prospects

See all a Contact's or Company's Feature Requests right in HubSpot

In HubSpot you can see Feature Requests:

  • From any Contact
  • From every Contact at a Company
  • Received in any of your customer-facing tools (even if the request wasn't made in HubSpot)

Import Closed/Lost Deal Product Feedback in seconds

Just add #product to a closed/lost deal reason in HubSpot and Savio will pull it in.

Share user requests with your Product team - backed up with data

Back up customer feature requests with user verbatims and data

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