Savio Integrates with HubSpot

Hubspot integrates with Savio

Log product feedback, enrich feedback with HubSpot customer data, and see Feature Requests inside HubSpot.

Log product feedback from HubSpot

Log product feedback to Savio without leaving HubSpot.

Link feedback to a HubSpot Contact and Company for easier prioritization and closing the loop.

log product feedback from HubSpot

Log feedback without leaving HubSpot

Enrich feedback with HubSpot Customer Data

Use HubSpot Customer Data like MRR or Opportunity Revenue to prioritize feature requests.

Customer Data is synced from HubSpot automatically. You can set up the integration in just a few clicks.

prioritize features with hubspot customer data

Pull in customer data from HubSpot to enrich and prioritize your product feedback

See Feature Requests inside of HubSpot

See each Contact and Company's feature requests right inside of HubSpot.

See the status of each request so you can deliver good news and you're never caught unaware.

see feature requests inside hubspot

See requests for each Contact and Company inside of HubSpot

See the HubSpot integration in action