Better situational awareness for Support, Success, and Sales

See a Contact's or Company's tracked feature requests right inside Hubspot. Your team has a Customer's requested features and request status at their fingertips for more productive customer conversations.

What information is shown inside Hubspot?

Savio adds a widget to your Hubspot sidebar for every Contact and Company. The widget shows the customer verbatim that was logged, the Feature Request it was assigned to, the request's status (Planned, In Progress, Shipped, etc), and which Contact asked for the feature. It also has a link to view the Feature Request inside Savio.

How does I see tracked Feature Requests inside Hubspot?

You can connect Hubspot from Savio in just a few clicks. There's no tedious configuration or manual onboarding. Once Hubspot and Savio are integrated, you'll automatically see tracked feature requests inside your Hubspot Company and Contact profiles.

What else does it do?

You can log product feedback easily from HubSpot CRM and enrich feedback with your HubSpot customer data. Learn more about the HubSpot integration here.