What's the Chrome Extension For?

If you're like most folks, you and your teammates probably use a handful of tools where customers will send you feedback. The basics would be a support tool, a CRM, and maybe Google Docs to keep notes from customer calls.

But you may also have feedback posted to Slack, or use an NPS tool, a customer success tool, a tool for sending surveys, a tool to transcribe sales calls... the list goes on.

It's problematic to get that feedback into a single place: you're emailing spreadsheets, or pasting links to a Trello board, or feeling bad about your unread #customer-feedback notification count in Slack.

Which is why we built the Savio Chrome Extension.

With it, you and your teammates can save customer feedback to Savio without leaving the tool it lives in. It's a small change to your workflow with a large impact for your product and customers.

Using the Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension Fields

Here are the fields you'll see when you open the Chrome Extension:

Customer Problem: This is where you enter the customer's feedback. Ideally you add a verbatim quote about the problem the customer's having. Other things you might include are a solution to the problem ("a blue button") and other notes (for example "this customer 'gets it' and I think we should definitely pay attention to what they say".)

Person: Choose the person who's providing the feedback. If they're not in the dropdown (and thus haven't yet been imported into Savio), just type their name in - the Chrome Extension will create the person in Savio when you save the feedback.

Feedback From: Who is the person providing feedback? Your product team can filter by this later to find (for example) "feature requests from churned customer".

You can choose from this list:

  • Active Customer: this person is a customer
  • Churned Customer: this person was a customer but has cancelled
  • Internal User: this person is a teammate and works for your company
  • Lost Deal: this person is someone who might have purchased your software, but decided not to
  • Prospect: this person is someone who is considering purchasing your software
  • Other: this person does not fit into the above categories

Feature Request (optional): search your list of Feature Requests in Savio and assign this feedback to that Feature Request. If there's no Feature Request in Savio, you can create a new one. Or you can always leave it blank - your product team will assign it to a feature request in Savio during the Triage process.

The Savio Chrome Extension
Savio Chrome Extension

Download the Savio Chrome Extension

You can download the Savio Chrome Extension here.

To use it, you'll need to have a free or paid Savio account, so sign up for one here.