Use the feedback you've collected

Once you've collected your feedback in one place and analyzed your customer feedback to figure out what you might build, you can dig into your customers' feedback to validate their problems and your potential solution.

Dig into your feedback

You can dig into the customer feedback about a feature request. You'll see:

  • each person who's left feedback
  • their MRR and plan
  • the specific feedback they left and when they left it
  • whether the feedback was from a churned customer, a lost deal, an active customer, a teammate, a prospect, or someone else

You can use this information to figure out the surface area of the customer's problem, inform what a good solution would look like, figure out what kinds of users and accounts have this problem, and reach out to customers to validate problem and solution.

Contact your customers

Since Savio has your customers' email address, you can click their name beside their feedback on the feature request page to copy their email address to your clipboard to email them.

Get your team on the same page

If your team wants to know why you're building one feature instead of another, you can send them links to the specific features they're wondering about to read the customer feedback. Or you can save each Feature Request page as a PDF and share it with them #oldschool.

Close the loop when you build features

Feature requests have states in Savio. When your mark a feature request as "Done" in Savio, you can email each customer to let them know that you built a feature they asked for.