Savio Integrates with Slack

Slack integrates with Savio

Never lose product feedback in the Slack firehose again.

Log product feedback from Slack

Log product feedback from your "customer feedback" channel, or from any public Slack channel.

No Savio account is required to log feedback from Slack. So your team doesn't need to learn or adopt a new tool.

lop product feedback to Slack

Log feedback without leaving Slack

Never log feedback twice

Savio replies to Slack messages that have been logged.

So your team sees what's already been logged, and never logs duplicates.

Track feedback that got logged to Savio

Savio adds a note to the Slack thread when feedback is logged

Push updates to Slack

Update your team about newly-logged product feedback, or changes to a feature request's status.

Never answer "what's the status of [my favorite feature]" again - it's all in a single Slack channel.

push feature request updates to slack

Automatically push feature request updates to Slack

See the Slack integration in action