Track product feedback directly from Slack

Does your team share product ideas in Slack that you want to keep track of? With Savio, you can track those ideas without leaving Slack.

How does the integration for Slack work?

First, you tell Savio to listen to a single public channel. When a message is posted there, Savio will ask the poster if it contains product feedback and if they also want to log it to Savio. You can alternatively push a message to Savio from any public Slack channel whenever you choose.

How do I know if Savio logged feedback successfully?

When someone pushes feedback from Slack to Savio, Savio adds a message to the Slack thread noting who logged the feedback and when it was logged.

What else does it do?

You can also automatically send feedback updates to a Slack channel so your teams can keep up with customer feedback. Learn more about the Slack integration here.