Why use the Zapier integration?

If you have feedback in a tool that Savio doesn't have a native integration with, you can use Zapier to send feedback to Savio.

Setting it up

1. Grab your API token on your My Settings page

2. In your Zap, add a "Webhooks by Zapier" step with a POST

3. Make sure the app is "Webhooks by Zapier" and the Action Event is POST

4. URL and Payload Type

In the
field enter

In the
Payload Type
field enter

5. Customize data to send to Savio

Depending on the information in the source tool, you'll want to customize the fields you send to Savio. Below are the possible fields you can send to Savio.

Field Descriptions

Here's a description of each field that you can send to Savio.

Parameter Required Description

6. Add Auth Header

6. Scroll down to the Headers section. You'll want to enter a header called
. Its value should be the word "Token" followed by a space and the API Token you grabbed in Step 1:

You're done

Test your Zap and you should be good to go. Questions? Email help@savio.io and we'll get you sorted.