Emailing Feedback to Savio

It’s really easy to push feedback from email into Savio. You might do this feature in a few scenarios:

  1. When you get an inbound feature request via email—you can forward these directly to Savio.

  2. When you solicit feedback from your customers through email—you can forward their replies to Savio.

  3. When you’re on a call with a customer—you can take notes in a draft email and send it to your Savio inbox when you’re done.

In each of these cases, pushing your email to your Savio feedback vault ensures you’re not going to lose it and that all your feedback is kept in one place. In this article, we’ll cover:

How to email feedback into Savio

It’s really easy.

1. Log into Savio and click on your name in the top right corner and select “My Settings”.

2. Look for the “Email Feedback To Savio” box. It will display an email address that is unique to your Savio vault. Send your feedback to this address to have it automatically added to your feedback vault.

Send emails to the address found in the “Feedback Email” field to have them automatically added to your feedback vault.

3. Now, just send an email or forward feedback emails to that email address.

4. The emails will arrive in your Savio inbox for you to triage.

Savio will populate the person fields

Each piece of feedback is attached to a person. When you forward an email from a customer into Savio, it is smart about using the header information in emails to automatically assign people to feedback.

  • If your email was from a person that already exists in your Savio database, Savio will automatically populate assign that person to the feedback.

  • If the person doesn’t already exist in your Savio database, Savio will create a new person automatically and include their name, company, and email address.

Here’s how it works.

1. To forward a feedback email from a customer into Savio, click “Forward” in your email client.

2. Input your Savio feedback email address in the “To:” field and click “Send”.

3. Now you’ll find a new piece of feedback in your feedback inbox ready to triage. Notice that Savio found a person using the email address and added the person to the feedback card with all their attributes.

Power-user tip: Quickly capture feedback on a customer call

On the phone with a customer? Here’s the fastest way to capture feature requests from your customer calls and send them to Savio. 

1. Log into Savio and navigate to my settings. Find your feedback email address.


2. Create a new message in your favorite email client. Paste the Savio email address into the “To:” field and then write the feature request directly in the subject line. You can write additional details or customer verbatims in the body of the email. 


4. Send your email and then check your Savio feedback inbox. You’ll see the feedback within a few seconds.


5. Triage the piece of feedback when you’re ready. It won’t automatically have a name or company associated with it, so you can add those details in the triage step. 


Last Updated: May 11 2021