User Management: Get Your Team on Savio

You’ve got a shiny new feedback vault in Savio. Here’s how to get your team all set up to use it. In this article, we’ll cover:

What is a “user” in Savio?

Users are members of your team that can access or submit feedback to your feedback vault. These aren’t your customers—your customers don’t need to join Savio to give you feedback. They just give it to you through your regular communication channels (Intercom, Help Scout, email, etc.) and it gets pushed into Savio automatically.

The exception is if you want to set up your voting board: your customers will need to register for your voting board and confirm their email address so your voting board doesn’t get spammed. But these don’t count as users in Savio—you can have an unlimited number of people register for your voting board.

Your users are the people on your team that need to log into Savio. You’ll need a Savio account for your teammates if they:

  • use the chrome extension

  • email feedback into Savio

  • access the feedback inbox

  • review the list of feature requests

  • close the loop with your customers

You will NOT need a Savio account for your teammates if they submit feedback to Savio via:

  • integration with your support tool

  • with the Slack integration

Managing users

To see the Manage Users screen:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of Savio.

  2. Click “Manage Users”

Now you’re on the “Manage Users” page. You do all your user management from this page. You can easily see everyone who is a current user and their role.

Your “Manage Users” page will look like this. You can see their name, email, and role.

User roles

Users can have one of three roles in Savio.

Owner: Owners can do everything in Savio. They can make feedback, edit feedback, and invite users. They can also change billing information.

Admin: Admins can do everything owners can do except change billing information.

Submitter: Submitters can submit feedback from the Savio Chrome Extension and from email, but that’s it.  When they log into Savio, this is the only screen they see:

Note that your teams can submit feedback to Savio from Intercom, Help Scout, Zendesk, and others without a Savio account. They just need an account with Intercom, Help Scout, Zendesk, or the other tools they’d send feedback from.

Adding users

There are two ways to add users: inviting individuals or setting up Auto Join.

Inviting users

Inviting users is easy. When you’re on the “Manage Users” page, just click the “Invite Users” button in the top right corner.

Then just fill in the email addresses of anyone you want to invite, separated by commas, and choose their roles.

Here, we’re inviting two users with “Submitter” roles.

You can see who hasn’t yet accepted their invitation back on the main “Manage Users” page under the “Invites” tab.

The “Invites” tab shows everyone you’ve invited to join Savio.

You can send a reminder email by clicking “Resend”. You can deactivate an invite by clicking “Revoke”.

Auto join for submitters

If you have a large team, you might want to use Auto Join to add users. It lets everyone with the same email domain name join your Savio vault as a submitter without an email invite.

Note you’ll still have to invite Admins and Vault owners with email invites.  This is because adding Admins and Vault owners can change how much money you pay Savio, so you need to be explicit about inviting teammates.

To set up Auto Join click your name in the top right corner and click “Settings”.

Auto Join is the first option. It’s disabled by default. Click the “Enable” link to turn it on.

Then type your company domain and click “Update Domain”. When you do, you’ll automatically allow anyone with an email address from that domain to submit feedback to Savio using the chrome extension or email.

Auto Join lets anyone with an email address from the specified domain automatically join your feedback vault as a Submitter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You enable the Auto Join function.

  2. You tell your teammates to download the Chrome Extension at

  3. Your teammate downloads the Savio Chrome Extension.

  4. The user will be asked to register for Savio after they download and install the extension.

  5. Since Auto Join is turned on, they’ll automatically join your feedback vault in Savio once they register.

Now they’re a user in your vault with the Submitter role.

Editing users

You can edit users by clicking on their name on the “Manage Users” page or the edit icon.

Click on a user to edit their information or role, or click on the edit icon.

The information Savio keeps on users includes their name, email address, role, and team. You can edit each of those fields directly. Click “Edit User” to save your changes.

Edit a user’s information by making changes directly to a field. Hit “Edit User” to save.

Deleting users

You can also delete users from the editing screen. You’ll see a little trash bin beside their name. Click that to delete them.

You’ll be asked to confirm. Click “Delete User” to delete them permanently from your vault.

Last Updated: Apr 27 2021