Segment Integration

Segment is a powerful tool for collecting and maintaining data on your customers. If you use Segment, it’s easy to connect it to Savio so you can link your customer data with the feedback they give you. 

In this article, we cover:

  1. Why connect Savio to Segment?

  2. How to set up your Segment integration

  3. How to disconnect your Segment integration

Why connect Savio to Segment?

Segment lets you easily collect, clean, and use data about your customers so you can make better business decisions. Customer feedback is one critical type of customer data. Savio specializes in collecting customer feedback and managing feature requests. 

If Savio houses all your customer feedback data and Segment houses the rest of your customer data, linking the two will help you use all that data and make better business decisions. Connecting Segment with Savio will allow you to:

  • Link feedback and feature requests with people in your Segment database.

  • See information and attributes about your customers in Savio alongside the feedback they gave you.

  • See which feature requests your most valuable customers would like you to build.

How to set up your Segment integration

Here’s how to set up your integration.

1. Open Segment and select the workspace you want to connect to Savio.


2. Click on “Catalog”. 


3. Configure the Savio Destination. Click “Configure” to set up Savio as a Destination for your data.


4. Select the source. Choose the source of your customer data. It should include customer names, email addresses, MRR, Plan, and accounts or companies (if you use them).


5. Click “Confirm Source”.


6. Click “API key”. 


7. Enter the API Key from Savio. Find this by right-clicking the link in Segment to Savio’s settings page and opening it in a new tab. 


On Savio’s settings page, scroll down to find your Segment API Key. Copy it to your clipboard.


8. Paste your API Key into Segment and click “Save”. 


9. Click the toggle beside “Savio Settings” to turn on the Savio destination. Your customer information will now flow from Segment to Savio. It will allow you to see information about your customers together with the feedback they leave. It will also allow you to filter feedback and feature requests by customer attributes you’ve brought over from Segment.


10. Replay customers (optional). If you’re on Segment’s business plan, you can use the Replay feature to send all your customers to Savio in one go. If you don’t use the Replay feature, that’s okay: your customers will be sent to Savio as they hit your site. 

How to disconnect your Segment integration

To turn off Savio as a Segment destination, do the following:

  1. Open your Segment account and navigate to the workspace you want to disconnect.

  2. Choose the Savio destination and toggle it off or delete it.

Last Updated: June 28 2021