Setting the “Feedback From” Attribute in Savio

One powerful way to prioritize your feedback is to listen to one set of customers and build what they want. Savio makes it easy to find feature requests from customers at different stages in the SaaS customer lifecycle.

We do it using the “Feedback From” attribute. This article will explain how to set that attribute and how to filter by it. We’ll cover:

Why set the “Feedback From” attribute?

Setting the “Feedback From” attribute allows you to slice and dice your feedback data to find all the feedback from customers at a given stage in your lifecycle. Here are some popular use cases for filtering your feedback by the “Feedback From” field.

  • Your company has decided to use this quarter to focus on reducing churn. You can use the “Feedback From” field to quickly find all the feedback from churned customers to see the features they would have liked.

  • You want to increase the number of conversions and improve sales. You can use the “Feedback From” field to find all the features requested by “lost deals” to see what prospective customers would have liked.

This is a powerful way to understand who is requesting what so you can make more focused and informed product development decisions.


Here, we’ve filtered our feature requests by churned customers. It makes it easy to see that the feature request most popular among our churned customers is an API.

Setting the “Feedback From” attribute manually for a customer

“Feedback From” is a field that describes the Person and Company who has given a piece of feedback.

It’s an attribute that’s attached to a piece of feedback. When you enable it, the field appears on each piece of feedback and you can set it manually when you’re creating or triaging feedback.

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To set the “Feedback From” field for a customer, do the following:

1. Log into Savio and go to your Feedback Inbox. Click on the feedback you want to triage.


2. In the piece of feedback, click on the “Feedback From” dropdown menu.


3. Choose one of the options for customer status.

Choose an option from the drop-down menu. The “Feedback From” option comes preloaded with various stages of the SaaS customer lifecycle, including “Prospect”, “Active customer”, “Churned customer”, and “Lost deal”. There is also an option to choose “Internal user” if the feedback came from someone on your team. Or, you can choose “Other” if the feedback came from a person who doesn’t fit any of those groups.


Tip: You can customize the options available in this dropdown menu to be consistent with the customer categories you like to use. See our article on customizing feature request and feedback attributes for instructions on how to do this.

Setting the “Feedback From” attribute automatically

You can also create rules to fill in the “Feedback From” field automatically based on other customer attributes. To do this:

1. Log into Savio, click on your name in the top right corner, and click on “Settings”.


2. Scroll down to the “Automatically Set “Feedback From” Field” and click “Manage Settings”.


3. Create your rule.

Now you can create rules using the custom attributes that you have for the People and Companies in Savio’s database.

For instance, maybe you want to create a rule where anyone that is a paying subscriber of your product is considered an active customer. In that case, you would:

  • Set the “When A Person Or Company With This Attribute” field to: “Is customer”

  • Set the “Has This Value” field to: “True”

  • Set the “Then automatically set new Feedback's 'Feedback From' value to” field to: “Active Customer”


Now, anytime a Person or Company with an MRR greater than 0 provides feedback, the “Feedback From” field will be “Active Customer”.

Note: you can only have one active rule at any time.

Savio pulls in the “Feedback From” field for future feedback

Once you set the “Feedback From” field once for a customer, Savio will remember it and fill it in automatically in the future.

Note that “Feedback From” is attached to Companies (if you use them). So if you set the “Feedback From” field for one person, every other person in the Savio database from the same company will have the same values entered for the Feedback From field.

For example, imagine that Joe and Sally work at Acme corp. They signed up to try your product. Joe submits feedback. When you triage that feedback, you set the “Feedback From” field to "Prospect". Now, anyone who submits feedback from Acme will have a default “Feedback From” field set to "Prospect". So now when Sally submits feedback, it is automatically set to “Prospect” because she works at Acme.

If Acme becomes a paying customer, you would change this field to Active. Now, the default feedback from status for Joe when he next submits feedback will be "Active".

Last Updated: June 28 2021