Connecting Your Support Tool to Savio

Savio has a ton of integrations to make it easy for you to keep your feedback in a centralized place without needing to leave your customer communication tool.

In this article, we’ll explain:

Why connecting the tools you use makes Savio more powerful

There are a few reasons why you should connect your support tool and your CRM to Savio.

They are important sources of feedback

The best feedback system is the one that captures all your feedback from all the places you receive it.

  • Your Support and Customer Success teams likely receive a significant proportion of your feedback from your current customers through tools like Intercom, Help Scout, and Zendesk.

  • Your Sales team, too, will likely receive a good amount of feedback from prospects and from customers who ultimately don’t choose your product.

Being able to understand the needs of these different groups is essential for making informed product decisions. By connecting the tools these teams use to Savio, you can make sure that you’re getting all the feedback you need.

Track feedback without task switching

Your teammates are busy. Asking them to switch tools disrupts their workflow. It’s more work for them and it introduces friction that ultimately could mean some of your feedback isn’t captured.

By connecting their tools with Savio, they can track feedback without switching tools and without disruptions. It’s more effective and it reduces friction.

Import your customers, their companies, and attributes

Savio’s power comes from its ability to slice and dice feature requests based on customer attributes. For example, you can easily see:

  • What your most popular feature requests are

  • What the most popular feature request is among your customers on an Enterprise plan

  • What feature has been requested by your customers who, together, have the greatest total MRR

  • And much more

To be able to filter and sort on those dimensions, Savio needs to be able to import attributes like the name of the person who gave your feedback, their plan, and their MRR. When you connect Savio to your support tool or your CRM, it imports those attributes automatically. That way, you can slice and dice your feedback data on the dimensions that matter most to you.

Integrations Savio supports

Savio supports a ton of native integrations, including integrations with these three support tools:

  1. Zendesk

  2. Intercom

  3. Help Scout

If you use another support tool, the Chrome Extension can help you track feature requests.

Tip: Check out a list of the other tools Savio integrates with.

Using Savio without an integration

You can still use Savio even if you don’t use one of the above tools. You can connect to our API to send feedback, import attributes, and more. Just get in touch if you need help with this and we’ll get you sorted out.

Last Updated: September 20 2021