Connecting Your Support Tool to Savio

Savio has a ton of integrations to make it easy for you to keep your feedback in a centralized place without needing to leave your customer communication tool.

You should connect your customer communications or support tool to Savio so you can:

In this article, we’ll explain how to do that. We’ll cover:

How to set up your integration

Savio connects with tons of other tools including Intercom, Help Scout, Zendesk, HubSpot, and Slack. To connect a tool, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Integrations page.

2. Find your support tool and click the “Connect” button.

Here, we’re connecting Savio with Intercom.

3. Click “Authorize Access” to complete the integration.

4. Choose a feedback tag.

This tag tells Savio to pull in a message from your support tool as feedback. When you apply the feedback tag to a message in your support tool, Savio will pull it into your Savio Feedback Vault inbox as a new piece of feedback to be triaged. You might choose a tag called “Savio Feedback” or “Feature Request”.

You can choose a tag from the tags that you already have in your support tool. If you want to create a new tag, go back to your support tool, create a new tag there, and then return to Savio, refresh this page, and choose it from the list.

Choose your feedback tag from the list. To add a tag to the list, create a new tag in your support or communications tool.

How to pull a message into Savio as feedback

Now your integration is set up. When a customer sends you a message in your support tool, you can easily push it into Savio by assigning the tag you chose during integration.

Messages tagged with the feedback tag you choose are pushed to your Savio feedback inbox.

Savio will send you a message to confirm the feedback was pulled in.

Savio will send a message to confirm the feedback was added to your inbox.

You can now see the feedback entered in your Savio feedback inbox ready to be triaged. The feedback will have the name, company, and other relevant attributes assigned directly in the feedback.

A new piece of feedback pulled in directly from Intercom.

How to pull notes into Savio as feedback

You might get several different pieces of feedback in a conversation with a customer that spans multiple messages. To pull these together into a single piece of feedback, make a note in your support tool about what your customer wants. Add the feedback tag you chose as a hashtag to the note.

Here’s an Intercom note about two feature requests from a customer. The hashtag tells Savio to bring in the note as a piece of feedback—use the tag you chose during integration.

Savio will see that hashtag with your tag and know to pull it into your feedback inbox.

Savio creates a piece of feedback from your note and assigns the corresponding person and company.

How to jump to your original conversation from Savio

Sometimes a piece of feedback isn’t exactly clear and you might want to check the original conversation to understand it better. Savio makes it easy to jump back to the original messages.

To find the original conversation, navigate to the piece of feedback in Savio and click the link “View in source app”.

The original conversation in the source app is easily accessible from Savio via a hyperlink in your feedback.

Last Updated: May 3 2021