Using Savio Feedback Forms To Collect Customer Feedback

Savio’s feedback forms let you collect customer feedback and feature requests through a web form. You can easily link to it from your website, your app, email, and more.

In this article, we explain how to use feedback forms and set them up. We’ll cover:

Why use feedback forms?

Feedback forms are one more potential source for customer feedback. They’re often a convenient way for you to solicit feedback from your customer.  You can:

  1. Send them the link to your Feedback Form to collect specific product feedback from a specific group of customers
  2. If you don’t want to use a voting board, you can link to your Feedback Form from within your app. This provides a way for customers to send you feedback without having to expose your feature list publicly.

The My Feedback page, which is accessible through the feedback form, also provides an easy way for your customers to track the feedback they’ve given you.

How to edit your feedback form

All accounts start out with a feedback form preloaded. To use it, edit the details and then share the link with your customers.

To find your feedback form and edit it, do the following:

1. Log into Savio and click on “Feedback Form” in the left-hand menu.

2. Customize the settings to suit your needs. Here are the fields you can enter.

  • Name: Type the name of your feedback form. For example, “Acme Feedback Request Form.” This will not be seen by customers.

  • Heading: Type a heading for the feedback form. For example, “Submit Feedback for Acme Corp!”

  • Company website URL: Enter the address of your company’s website. The feedback form will link back to this URL so your customers can easily navigate back to your site.

  • Logo: Upload a logo to display on the feedback form. Please use a square image should with a size of at least 100 x 100 pixels.

  • Favicon: Upload an image to display as the favicon. Please use a square image with a size of at least 16 x 16 pixels.

  • Your feedback form URL: Enter your preferred URL for the feedback form.

  • Title: Enter the title of your feedback form. For example, “Share your feedback!”

  • Instructions: Enter any instructions or additional information for your customers. For example, “Share your product feedback about how to make Savio better.”

  • Template: Enter a template to help provide a structure for your customer’s feedback.

  • Thank you: Enter a thank you message to thank your customers after they submit their feedback.

  • Show ‘My Feedback’ page: This controls whether the “My Feedback” page is visible. Select “Yes” to display the page, or “No” to hide it.

  • Manage Single Sign-On (SSO): You can choose whether to enable Single Sign-On so your customers don’t need to log into Savio to leave feedback. See instructions on how to set up SSO.

When your customers navigate to the form to submit feedback, they’ll see the following:

After your customers submit feedback, they’ll see the “Thank you” message:

3. Click “Update”. Changes to your feedback form will now be live.

Note: You can currently only create a single feedback form.

How customers leave feedback

To make the form available to your customers, link to the feedback form URL. You can find your feedback form URL on the feedback form page.

When they click the link, they’ll be taken to the feedback form and be invited to submit feedback. To submit their feedback, your customers:

1. Log into Savio.

Note: You can set up SSO to avoid your customers needing to sign up with, or log into, Savio.

2. Enter feedback into the form. If you included a template, your customers will see it here.

3. Select a priority. Your customers decide whether their feature is a “Nice to have” or a “Must have”.

Note: the response is visible to the person who left the feedback when displayed on the My Feedback page.

4. Click “Submit feedback”.

When the customer submits feedback it goes to your feedback inbox and is ready to be triaged.

Note: Savio includes a message on feedback entered via the feedback form that says, “This problem was entered by and is viewable by [customer name].” This message signals to your team that this piece of feedback is visible outside your internal team. Ensure that you do not edit the feedback to include any sensitive information that you would not like your customers to see.

The My Feedback page

The “My Feedback” page shows your customers the feedback that they have submitted. You can navigate to the My Feedback page by clicking the “My Feedback” link at the top of the feedback form.

Specifically, it displays:

  • Each of the pieces of feedback they have submitted.

  • The feature requests that the feedback belongs to

  • The public status names that each piece of their feedback is in.

Note: Customers will only see their feedback when it’s public, when the feature request it belongs to is public, and when that feature request has a public status name. See the My Feedback page article for details on which feedback and feature requests are displayed.

Last Updated: December 23 2021