How To Set Up Savio's Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk integration lets you send feedback you receive in Zendesk to Savio in seconds. In this article, we’ll explain how to set up the integration and how to use it.

We’ll cover:

Why set up the Zendesk integration?

There are two reasons to connect Zendesk to Savio. The integration lets you:

  • Send the feedback and feature requests you receive in Zendesk to one centralized spot in Savio where you can organize it.

  • Import your customers and their attributes from Zendesk to Savio so that you can segment your feedback and feature requests and better prioritize them.

How to set up the Zendesk integration

To connect to Zendesk, do the following:

1. Log into Savio, click on your name in the top right corner, and select “Integrations”.


2. Find and click the “Connect Zendesk” button.


3. Find your Zendesk subdomain. It’s the first part of the URL when you log into Zendesk—the text between “https://” and “”.


4. Enter your Zendesk subdomain into the Savio prompt and click “Connect Zendesk”.


5. Sign in to Zendesk.


5. Click “Authorize” to complete the integration.

6. Choose a feedback tag.

Now you’ll choose a tag that tells Savio a message is feedback. When you apply this tag to a message in Zendesk, Savio will pull it into your Savio Feedback Vault inbox as a new piece of feedback to be triaged. You might choose a tag called “Feedback” or “Feature-Request”.

You have to choose a tag from the list of tags that you already have in Zendesk. If you want to create a new tag, go to Zendesk, and create a new tag there. Then, return to Savio, refresh this page, and choose it from the list.

Note: We recommend making sure there’s no spaces in the tag. That way, you can use the tag to bring in notes as feedback (see below).

Select your Feedback Tag name from the dropdown menu and then click “Save Zendesk Feedback Tag”.

ImgChoose your feedback tag from the list. To add a tag to the list, create a new tag in Zendesk. In this example, we’re choosing a tag called “feedback”. 

Now your integration is set up. Which means you can send Zendesk messages to Savio by tagging them with the feedback tag you chose. All your customers, their companies, and the other custom attributes stored in Zendesk’s “User Fields” and “Organization Fields” will automatically be pulled into Savio.

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Send a Zendesk message to Savio as feedback

When a customer sends you a message in Zendesk, you can easily pull it into Savio by assigning the tag you chose during integration. To do it:

Navigate to a conversation, select the feedback tag you assigned to Savio during integration in the “Tags” field, and click “Submit” (it doesn't matter if the ticket is Submitted as Open or not).

ImgConversations tagged with the tag you chose during integration are pushed to your Savio feedback inbox. 

Savio will automatically add a note to confirm the feedback was pulled in.


You can now see the feedback entered in your Savio feedback inbox ready to be triaged. The feedback will have the name of the customer, their company (if applicable), and other relevant attributes assigned directly in the feedback.


Pull notes into Savio as feedback

You may wish to summarize a long conversation into a shorter piece of feedback. You can do this by creating an internal note and pushing that to Savio with the feedback tag. Here’s how to do it:

Make an internal note in Zendesk with your customer’s feedback and add the tag you chose during integration as a hashtag. Then click “Submit” (it doesn't matter if Submitted as Open or not).

ImgHere’s a Zendesk internal note with a feature request from a customer. The hashtag “feedback” tells Savio to bring in the note as a piece of feedback. Use the tag you chose during integration.

The note will appear in the conversation, along with a confirmation message that it was sent to Savio as feedback.


Savio will see that hashtag and will know to pull it into your feedback inbox.

ImgSavio creates a piece of feedback from your note and assigns the corresponding person and company.

Jump to your Zendesk conversation from Savio

Sometimes a piece of feedback isn’t exactly clear and you might want to read the original conversation to understand it better. Savio makes it easy to jump back to the original conversation in Zendesk.

To find the original conversation, navigate to the piece of feedback in Savio and click the link “View in source app”. You’ll be taken to the original conversation in Zendesk so you can see the context of the feedback.

ImgThe original conversation in Zendesk is easily accessible from Savio via a hyperlink in your feedback.

Power user tip: using macros to send feedback

Zendesk has a feature where you can set up macros. We can use this to create a template for the feedback you send using internal notes in Zendesk. You can use a template to give your Support team a structure for sending feedback so they include all the information that’s relevant to you. To set up a feedback template in Zendesk using macros, do the following:

1. In Zendesk, click the gear icon for settings, then click “Macros”, and then click “Add Macro”.


2. Fill in the fields to create your macro. We recommend the following:

  • Choose a descriptive name like “Feature Requests” or “Feedback”

  • Create a brief description like “Internal note for a feature request”

  • In the “Available for” field, select “All agents”


3. Click “Add action” and set up your actions.


4. Create the actions taken in the macro. We recommend the following two actions:

  • Select “Comment mode” from the dropdown menu, and choose “Private”.

  • Add another action and select “Comment/description” from the dropdown menu

  • In the “Rich content” field, create your feedback template. See the screenshot below for an example.

  • Click “Save” when you’re finished.


This gives your Support team a handy template for providing feedback or submitting a feature request. Now, when one of your agents is talking to a customer with a feature request, they simply click “Apply macro” and choose the macro you just created.


The template you created pops up in the note and prompts your agent to get details from the customer.


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Get started with Savio

Want to get started sending feedback from Zendesk to Savio? Go to your account integrations page and link them up. Don’t have a Savio account? Start a free trial and see how it can create order out of a chaotic feedback collection system.

Last Updated: June 30 2021