Savio's Chrome Extension

Savio has native integrations with all the top customer communications and support tools: Zendesk, Help Scout, Intercom, and more. But we’ve also developed a Chrome extension in case you’re using a tool we don’t yet integrate with.

The Chrome extension lets you easily capture feedback from any web-based tool. It’s easy to set up and use. In this article, we’ll show you how. We’ll cover:

Downloading the Chrome extension

You can find the chrome extension at Make sure you’re using the Chrome web browser. To download the extension:

1. First, click “Add to Chrome”.

2. Click “Add extension”.

3. Now Savio’s added to Chrome. You can access it through the puzzle piece beside the URL bar.

4. To pin it to your toolbar, you can click the pin icon.

Now you’ll see the Savio icon in your Chrome toolbar. Anytime you need to add feedback to Savio you can simply click the icon.

Using the Chrome extension

The Chrome Extension lets you capture feedback from any web-based app, like Google Docs, Notion, or your CRM. You can even use it when you’re on a call with a customer.

To add feedback to Savio from any web-based app, simply click the Savio icon in your Chrome browser toolbar. You’ll be asked to log in. Once logged in, a Savio feedback form will pop up on the side of your screen.

Add feedback by completing the fields.

Customer Problem: Describe the problem the customer has or their feature request in as much detail as necessary. Include their exact words, if possible.

Person: Add the name of the person who provided feedback. You can choose a name from the list of people that are already in Savio or add a new person.

Feedback From: Here, you can choose whether the requester is an active customer, a churned customer, a lost deal, a prospect, an internal user, or other.

Feature Request: Select the feature request that the feedback is relevant to, if appropriate. This is optional and can be done later when you or your teammate triages the feedback inbox.

Once you save the feedback, it will be sent to Savio and land in your feedback inbox.

Who can use the extension

The Chrome Extension is great for sales teams to use to pass along information about lost deals. It’s also great for support teams that use a support tool for which Savio doesn’t yet have a native integration.

To use the Chrome extension, your teammates will need to be added to your Savio account as users. Anyone with an “Owner”, “Admin”, or “Submitter” role can submit feedback through the Chrome Extension.

A note about privacy

We want to highlight that Savio can only access the contents of the webpage you’re on if you click the toolbar button to open the Savio chrome extension. The extension can’t access anything on the page unless you request it. And when you do open it, the only part of the page Savio saves is the URL—nothing else. The URL is then accessible below the saved feedback in Savio:

Last Updated: May 11 2021