How To Move Feedback Between Feature Requests

Savio helps you keep your customer feedback organized. Sometimes, you might want to move feedback from one feature request to another. In this article, we show you how to do that. 

We’ll cover:

Why move feedback?

Moving feedback from one feature request to another is useful for two main reasons.

Correcting mistakes. Sometimes you might put feedback in the wrong feature request. This feature helps you get it to the right place. 

Splitting off feature requests. The scope of a request might change over time. For example, you might start with a feature request called “Permissions” but eventually you want to get more fine-grained and split it into several more specific feature requests: one for a “Contributor” role, one for an “Administrator” role, and one for a “Reader” role. This feature helps you take the relevant feedback for each role and pull it into new requests. 

Grouping related feedback into tight-scoped feature requests means your product team can spec features earlier. It also ensures you close the loop only with the people who asked for the feature your team built—i.e. people who asked for the "Reader" role and not people who asked for "Contributor" or "Admin" roles.

How to move batches of feedback to a new feature request

Here’s how you do it.

1. Log into Savio and navigate to the feature request page. Find the feature request that houses the feedback you’d like to move.


2. Click “Select Feedback”.


3. Choose the feedback you’d like to move. Select each piece of feedback by clicking its check box.


4. Scroll up and click “Move X Feedback to new Feature Request.


5. Select an existing feature request or create a new feature request. Then click “Move Feedback”.


We’re creating a new feature request that we’ll call “Permissions: Reader Role”. You may also choose a feature request that already exists from the drop-down menu. 

Now you’ve moved the selected pieces of feedback to a different feature request. 

  • If you selected an existing feature request, you’ll see the new feedback listed in that request.

  • If you created a new feature request, you’ll see it on the feature request page.


You can see the new feature request we created listed on the Feature Request page.  

Last Updated: September 8 2021