How To Set Up Savio's Help Scout Integration

Using Help Scout to support your customers? It’s easy to send the feedback you receive there directly to your Savio feedback vault. In this article, we’ll show you how.

We’ll cover:

Why set up the Help Scout integration?

There are two reasons to connect Help Scout to Savio. The integration lets you:

  • Send the feedback and feature requests you receive in Help Scout to one centralized spot in Savio where you can organize it.

  • Import your customers and companies from Help Scout to Savio so that you can segment your feedback and feature requests and better prioritize them.

A quick overview of how it works

Here’s a quick video describing how it works.

Set up the Help Scout integration

Note: You must have an “Admin” role within Help Scout to be able to set up this integration.

To connect to Help Scout, do the following:

1. Log into Savio, click on your name in the top right corner, and select “Integrations”.


2. Find Help Scout and click the “Connect Help Scout” button.


3. Click “Authorize” to complete the integration.


4. Choose a feedback tag.

Now you’ll choose a tag that tells Savio a message is feedback. When you apply this tag to a message in Help Scout, Savio will pull it into your Savio Feedback Vault inbox as a new piece of feedback to be triaged. You might choose a tag called “Feedback” or “Feature-Request”.

You must choose a tag from the list of tags that you already have in Help Scout. If you want to create a new tag, go to Help Scout, create a new tag there, and then return to Savio, refresh this page, and choose it from the list.

Note: We recommend making sure there’s no spaces in the tag. That way, you can use the tag to bring in notes as feedback (see below).

Select your Feedback Tag name from the dropdown menu and then click “Save Help Scout Feedback Tag”.

ImgChoose your feedback tag from the list. To add a tag to the list, create a new tag in Help Scout. In this example, we’re choosing a tag called “feedback”.

Now your integration is set up. All your customers and their companies will be automatically pulled into Savio.

Pull a message into Savio as feedback

When a customer sends you a message in Help Scout, you can easily push it into Savio by assigning the tag you chose during integration. To do it:

Navigate to a conversation, click the tag icon, and select the feedback tag you assigned to Savio during integration.

ImgConversations tagged with the tag you chose during integration are pushed to your Savio feedback inbox.

Savio will automatically add a note to confirm the feedback was pulled in.

Note: This step usually happens instantaneously but it may take a few seconds before the confirmation note is added to the conversation.


You can now see the feedback entered in your Savio feedback inbox ready to be triaged.


You can now see the feedback entered in your Savio feedback inbox ready to be triaged. The feedback will have the name, company, and other relevant attributes assigned directly in the feedback.


Note: If you remove the feedback tag on a conversation and then tag it again, Savio will not bring the feedback into your feedback vault a second time. When you tag feedback, Savio looks at the Help Scout conversation ID and checks if that feedback has already been imported.  If it has, Savio doesn’t import it a second time. This helps you avoid accidental duplicate feedback.

Pull notes into Savio as feedback

Sometimes you’re not sure exactly what the customer wants at first and you come to understand what they need over the full conversation. Or, you might get several different pieces of feedback in a conversation with a customer that spans multiple messages. For these situations, you can use the Notes function in Help Scout to send feedback to Savio. Here’s how to do it:

Make a note in Help Scout with your customer’s feedback and add the tag you chose during integration as a hashtag.

ImgHere’s a Help Scout note with a feature request from a customer. The hashtag “feedback” tells Savio to bring in the note as a piece of feedback. You will use the tag you chose during integration.

The note will appear in the conversation, along with a confirmation message that it was sent to Savio as feedback.


Savio will see that hashtag and will know to pull it into your feedback inbox.

ImgSavio creates a piece of feedback from your note and assigns the corresponding person and company.

Jump to your Help Scout conversation from Savio

Sometimes a piece of feedback isn’t exactly clear and you might want to check the original conversation to understand it better. Savio makes it easy to jump back to the original conversation in Help Scout.

To find the original conversation, navigate to the piece of feedback in Savio and click the link “View in source app”. You’ll be taken to the original conversation in Help Scout so you can see the context of the feedback.

ImgThe original conversation in Help Scout is easily accessible from Savio via a hyperlink in your feedback.

Get started with Savio

Want to get started sending feedback from Help Scout to Savio? Go to your account integrations page and link them up. Don’t have a Savio account? Start a free trial and see how it can create order out of a chaotic feedback collection system.

Last Updated: November 30 2022