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What features are we missing?
How much is this request worth for SMBs vs Enterprise segments?
What have churned customers requested?

Feature requests exist in Slack, Intercom, Hubspot, Gmail, spreadsheets, decks, JIRA, call recordings, and internal meetings.

What unplanned features will drive the most expansion revenue?
What are the top feature gaps we can close?
How can I help sales close open deals?

Centralize, organize, and prioritize your feedback using revenue metrics from Hubspot to make data-driven product decisions

Understand the Value of Feature Requests

Say goodbye to frustrating guesswork.

Prioritize feature requests for different customer segments by linking product feedback to deals and revenue metrics from Hubspot.

Filter Feature Requests by Hubspot Data

Stop wrestling with spreadsheets.

Build the features that drive revenue by segmenting requests using metrics like opportunity value, account MRR or account tiers from Hubspot.

Log Structured Feedback from Anywhere

Stop chasing sales for the latest requests.

Store all of your requests in one place by integrating feedback from multiple channels into a single repository. See all integrations.

Close the Loop with GTM Teams

Don’t leave your GTM teams in the dark.

Give visibility to Sales and CS by automatically updating feature status from JIRA, Linear, or Shortcut, right on Hubspot companies and contacts.

Others who ditched the spreadsheet

”Savio improved how we communicate with Product because we can now talk about our users' specific needs. We're not just guessing, and our discussions are backed up with data.”

Kasia J, User Research @ Survicate.

“Savio has given more visibility into the value of our feature requests. Having customer data about who submitted feature requests means we can make informed decisions when analyzing product improvements.”

Abbey W, Product Ops @ Housecall Pro. Read Housecall Pro's story.

“If you're collecting customer feedback (which you should be), you need a place to store, organize, and distribute that feedback. Savio does that really well.”

Nelson J, Product @ Tettra. Read Tettra's story.

“Being able to sort requests by active customers and MRR gave us valuable new data to better prioritize our features.”

Nathan B, Product @ DocSpring. Read DocSpring's story.

Savio helps us immensely to track the stuff that is 'smaller than a quarter, but bigger than a week'—and there's tons of it.”

Henry S, Product @ Read Reclaim's story.

”You know when you tell a customer 'I'll pass that along to our developers'? Savio actually lets you do that and makes it matter.

Ryan S, CX Manager @ Broca. Read Broca's Story.

Ready to ditch the spreadsheet and prioritize revenue-driving features?