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Make product plans
with evidence, not anecdote

Get a steady flow of organized feedback from customer-facing teams

Customer-facing teams log feedback without leaving their tools via native integrations and a Chrome Extension.

Your feedback goes from messy (in multiple tools) to an organized flow into Savio.

Log feedback via integrations without leaving your support tool, CRM, note-taking tool, etc

See your list of feature requests in one place, with each request's total revenue, number of requesters, and more

Analyze and prioritize your feature requests

Like feedback is grouped together into Feature Requests. And it's enriched with account data synced from your customer source of truth.

You can sort and filter requests by customer data, number of requests (and more) to identify and prioritize features for your most valuable customer segments.

Build stakeholder-proof roadmaps using data (and intuition)

Use customer evidence to back up every feature on your Roadmap.

Create and share your evidence with stakeholders for faster alignment.

Build and share an evidence-based Product Roadmap with stakeholders
Close the loop with dozens (or hundreds) of requesters in just a few clicks

Close the loop when you ship

Send a personal note to requesters to get credit for the features you ship.

Reduce churn by showing customers you're listening, and reengage prospects and lost deals.

A Product Management Platform
for Customer-Obsessed Teams

B2B SaaS teams use Savio to centralize customer feedback
and create evidence-based roadmaps

Log Product Feedback

Centralize feedback in one place.
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Analyze Requests

Prioritize your most valuable features.
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Build your Roadmap

Get stakeholder buy-in on product plans.
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Close the Loop

Lower churn and win more deals.
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What customers say about Savio

”Savio improved how we communicate with Product because we can now talk about our users' specific needs. We're not just guessing, and our discussions are backed up with data.”

Kasia J, User Research @ Survicate.

“Savio has given more visibility into the value of our feature requests. Having customer data about who submitted feature requests means we can make informed decisions when analyzing product improvements.”

Abbey W, Product Ops @ Housecall Pro. Read Housecall Pro's story.

“If you're collecting customer feedback (which you should be), you need a place to store, organize, and distribute that feedback. Savio does that really well.”

Nelson J, Product @ Tettra. Read Tettra's story.

“Being able to sort requests by active customers and MRR gave us valuable new data to better prioritize our features.”

Nathan B, Product @ DocSpring. Read DocSpring's story.

Savio helps us immensely to track the stuff that is 'smaller than a quarter, but bigger than a week'—and there's tons of it.”

Henry S, Product @ Read Reclaim's story.

”You know when you tell a customer 'I'll pass that along to our developers'? Savio actually lets you do that and makes it matter.

Ryan S, CX Manager @ Broca. Read Broca's Story.

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