One place for your incoming product feedback

When product feedback is logged to Savio, it lands in your Feedback Inbox. You categorize product feedback by assigning it to a Feature Request.

What do I do with the Feedback in my Inbox?

If you can imagine addressing a piece of feedback in your inbox, you assign it to a new or existing Feature Request. Attaching feedback to a feature request effectively adds a "vote" for the feature request.

This process is called "Triaging your inbox" in Savio.

What's a Feature Request, and how does it relate to Feedback?

A Feature Request groups together related Feedback. This provides for a better delineation between feedback (from customers) and feature requests (which you create and name).

What's the point of triaging my Inbox?

When you triage, you're screening product feedback that your team sends to Savio and deciding whether you might address it one day. Not every support, success, or sales team has a good handle on what product has planned so triaging ensures incoming product feedback quality stays high, is aligned with the product vision, and can be searched, sorted, and filtered when it's time to prioritize.

Do I have to use the Feedback Inbox?

You can choose to have incoming product feedback skip the Inbox if the person who logs is assigns it to a Feature Request when it's logged. You'd do this if you trusted the people logging feedback to log quality, actionable feedback, and to assign it to the correct Feature Request.