Record MRR, plan, and other customer data with your feature requests

A customer's revenue (like MRR or Potential Expansion Revenue), plan, and any data you choose is saved along with every piece of product feedback.

Why does this help me?

When you save customer data along each request, you can later slice and dice your requests by revenue, plan, or other data that's stored along with the product feedback.

What kind of other customer data can I use to slice and dice requests?

You can use literally any data you want to prioritize features. Three kinds of data you might use to prioritize requests are customer segment (see requests from my Ideal Customers vs. not), geography (see requests from customers in Europe vs. North America), or role (see requests from Admins vs. Users). But the sky's the limit.

How does customer data get into Savio?

When you connect your support tool, CRM, or customer data platform to Savio, Savio will automatically import your customers and data. So when a customer's product feedback is logged to Savio, Savio knows their revenue, plan, etc.

You can also pass in customers and related data to Savio via the Savio API.