See your popular feature requests at a glance - for every customer segment

Can you see your most-requested features? How about most-requested over the last 90 days? Or for just for Enterprise customers? Or SMBs paying you more than $99/m? With Savio, you can see and prioritize top requests for any customer segments you want. At a glance.

How does Savio determine popularity?

Savio adds a "vote" to a Feature Request when you assign a customer's product feedback to it. For example, a customer might give you product feedback like "I need a Zapier integration". You'd assign that to the "Zapier Integration" Feature Request. If 9 other people shared similar product feedback, the "Zapier Integration" Feature Request would have 10 votes.

How does Savio know a customer's MRR, plan, or other customer data?

When you connect your support tool or CRM, Savio pulls in your customers and their MRR, plan, and other data. That data is then available in Savio to slice and dice your feature requests.