Track and see feature requests by Customer Lifecycle Stage

Looking to build features requested by churned customers to drive down churn? Or maybe you want to win more deals that you're losing because of missing features? Or maybe you want to keep your active customers happy to keep retention high? With Savio, it's easy to track and see requests from any stage of the SaaS customer lifecycle so you can focus on building for the segments that'll grow your business most.

How do I view requests for a specific customer lifecycle stage?

When your colleagues log product feedback in Savio, the stage of the person who gave feedback is also logged. So when it's time to prioritize, you can see requests from people at a lifecycle stage that you choose.

Can I edit lifecycle stages?

You bet. Savio provides smart defaults for SaaS companies that use a free trial. But you can add, remove, and edit those stages to match how your business works.