Update Feature Request status as tickets move through your Shortcut workflow

Sync a Feature Request's status as it moves through your Shortcut workflow. See related Shortcut ticket status in Savio. Share a link to product feedback inside Shortcut.

How does the Shortcut integration work?

When a Savio Feature Request is ready to go to dev, you link it to a Shortcut issue or Epic. When that Shortcut ticket moves through its dev lifecycle, the status of the linked Feature Request gets updated automatically.

🤔 Can I get an example?

You bet. Imagine you link a Shortcut ticket to a Savio Feature Request. You've set things up so that when a ticket moves to the "In Dev" stage in Shortcut, Savio updates the Feature Request's status to "In Progress". And when it's moved to "Done" in Shortcut, you want Savio to update the Request's status to "Shipped".

What else does it do?

You can see all the titles of any linked Shortcut tickets inside Savio, along with the Shortcut stage each linked issue is in. Your dev team also has a link in the Shortcut ticket to read the related product feedback in Savio. Learn more about the Shortcut integration here.