Why connect Segment to Savio?

Savio centralizes your customers' feedback so you can do things like see features requested by customers on your (for example) 'Enterprise' plan, or decide between building Feature A or Feature B by seeing the Total MRR of customers who've asked for each one.

Your team centralizes customer feedback into Savio from anywhere they handle it: a support tool, CRM, survey tool, etc. Teammates use a Chrome Extension to enter feedback directly into Savio, which means they don't leave their support tool (or CRM, etc) to do it. When your teammates enter customer feedback, they also pick the customer who sent it in. This is where Segment comes in: when you connect Savio as a Segment Destination, Savio pulls in your list of customers, their MRR, and plan information (as long as you're sending customers, MRR, and plan information to Segment). To have a list of customers to choose from when entering feedback, you need to tell Savio how to get them. So if they're in Segment, Savio makes a great Destination for them.

Savio can pull this data from Segment with about a minute's worth of set up. You just need to turn Savio on as a Segment Destination.

Set Up Savio as a Segment Destination

Turning on Savio as a Segment Destination is straightforward.

1. Find Savio in the Destinations Catalog

Open Segment here and select the workspace where you want to install Savio:

2. Select the Catalog

In Segment, click on the Catalog:

3. Configure the Savio Destination

In Segment, click Configure to set up Savio as a Destination for your data.

4. Choose Source and Confirm

In Segment, choose the source that has your Customer Names, Emails, MRR, Plan, and Accounts (if you use them). You're going to send that info to Savio so you can see that information alongside each piece of customer feedback.

Once you've got your source selected, hit Confirm:

5. Click API Key

In Segment, click "API Key". You're going to enter an API key that Savio provides you on the next page in Segment.

6. Open Savio Settings Page in a new Tab

In Segment, right-click the Savio Settings page and open it in a new tab. This is where the API key lives that you'll enter into Segment.

7. Copy your Segment API Key

On the Savio settings page, copy your Segment API key. You're going to paste it into Segment to enable Savio as a Segment Destination.

8. Paste your API Key into Segment

In Segment, paste your API key into the input box and click Save.

9. Turn on Savio Destination

In Segment, toggle the switch to On. Your customer information will now flow into Savio so you can see it alongside the feedback they leave, as well as search and filter feedback and feature requests by Plan and MRR.

10. Replay Customers (optional)

If you're on the Segment Business plan, you can use the Replay feature to send Savio all your customers in one go. If you don't use the Replay feature, your customers will be sent to Savio as they hit your site.

Disconnect Savio as a Segment Destination

To turn off Savio as a Segment Destination:

  1. Open your Segment account and go to the workspace you want to disconnect.
  2. Choose the Savio Destination and either delete it or toggle it off.