Track Feature Requests with Savio

Use Savio to centralize customer feedback in one place, prioritize for important customer segments, close the loop, and more

Centralize Your Customer Feedback

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Track customer feedback and build better software

Keep and prioritize a single list of feature requests

A trusted place for your feature requests

Ditch the spreadsheets and Trello boards. Only put features into your issue tracker once you're going to build them.

With a single list you can:

  • Compare how many customers asked for a feature
  • Compare the cumulative MRR for each feature
  • Sort and filter feature requests by customer plan or MRR, priority, effort, tags, keyword, and more

Centralize product feedback with no disruption to your teammates

Your support and sales teams can send customer feedback to Savio just by tagging a conversation in their support tool or CRM. No Savio account required.

Save customer feedback to Savio when you:

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Native integrations with tools you use

Drill into feature requests to read related customer feedback

Your customer feedback, organized by feature request

All the feedback about a specific feature request is at your fingertips.

No more digging through email, spreadsheets, your CRM, Google Docs (or other tools) to learn what your customers want you to build.

  • Quickly contact customers to validate problem and solution
  • Read the conversation in the source tool (Intercom, Help Scout, etc) to get more context if necessary
  • See each customer's MRR and Plan
  • Close the loop with customers once you launch the feature they requested

Powerful filtering to priotize for the customer segments you care about

Not all feature requests are created equal. Don't treat them like they are.

Filter feature requests by customer plan, MRR, and any other customer attributes you care enough about to send to Savio. You can show feature requests from:

  • "lighthouse" customers
  • Customers in a certain geography
  • Free, trialing, active, or cancelled customers
  • Customers with lots of expansion revenue potential
  • Enterprise (or SMB) customers
  • Users with different roles (admins, non-admins, account owners, etc)
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Filter feature requests by any customer attributes you care about

Close the loop with customers and reduce churn

Close the loop with customers at scale
  • See who requested features you shipped so you can close the loop with them
  • Quickly notify any number of requesters with a few clicks
  • Notify even faster with an email template
  • BCC your CRM to track who you contacted
  • Set replies go to your help desk
  • Keep track of which customers have been notified
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