What can Savio do for you?

Savio is designed to make Product Managers' lives easier. It provides a system and helps simplify key workflows around capturing customer feedback to decide what to build. Below is the list of everything Savio helps with.

Import Your Customers, their MRR, and Plan

All feature requests are not created equal. To help you understand who's asking for what, Savio imports your customers' names, email addresses, MRR, plan, and account information. This is so you can filter your feature requests by MRR, plan, etc.

Once you've imported your customers and added some feedback, you can easily see (for example) "all features requested by customers on your Enterprise plan".

Collect Feedback from different Channels

There are lots of ways to push feedback from the tools you and your team use to Savio. Here's the list:

Analyze Feedback in Savio

Once feedback is in Savio, you can use it to figure out what to build. Here's how you'll do that:

Use Feedback to validate your solutions

Once you've got a good idea about what you might build, you can use Savio to:

Other Use Cases

Here are some pages that help you figure out how you can use Savio.