Your system to collect and save feedback

If you're like most software product teams, you get customer feedback directly, but it also flows into your support, sales, and success teams.

Unlocking this feedback and using it to inform the features you build is a painful and difficult task involving spreadsheets and regular meetings.

And if you're like us, you probably have nagging doubts about the features you've asked your expensive and valuable development team to build.

Centralize Feedback in your Savio Vault

Savio provides a system for you to use to centralize your feedback so you can use it to decide what to build.

Save feedback to Savio. Painlessly.

From Slack

When you connect Savio to Slack, Savio can listen to the channel where your team regularly post feedback. Savio will ask the person who shared it if they want to to push it to Savio. Savio also provides a way to push any public message in Slack to Savio. Learn more about connecting Slack to Savio →.

From Intercom

When you connect Savio to Intercom, you'll give Savio the name of an Intercom tag that you want Savio to pull in. When your teammates add that tag to an Intercom message, Savio will pull that message in. Tagging doesn't work in Intercom's mobile apps, but with Savio there's a way to push customer feedback from Intercom's mobile apps. Learn more about connecting Intercom to Savio →.

With a Chrome Extension

Your probably have feedback that lives outside of Intercom or Slack (Google Docs, an NPS tool, and a CRM come to mind). It's problematic to get that feedback into a single place. But with the Savio Chrome Extension, you can push feedback to Savio from any web-based tool. Learn more about the Savio Chrome Extension →.

From Your Email Client

If you're like us, you get tons of valuable feedback via email. With Savio, you can email that feedback from your inbox into your Vault. Learn more about emailing feedback to Savio →.

With the Savio API

Do you collect qualitative feedback in your app? Want to keep it in the same place as your other feedback? Send it to Savio with our API. Coming soon.

Directly in Savio

As you might expect, you can enter customer feedback directly into Savio after you log in.

From Zendesk

Your support team can tag conversations that contain valuable product feedback, and Savio will pull it in automagically. Coming soon.

From HubSpot CRM

Your sales reps can tag conversations that contain valuable product feedback, and Savio will pull it in automagically. Coming soon.