Prioritize your Customer Feature Requests

Find your most requested features

Each customer that requests a feature counts as a vote, and sorting by number of votes is easy

Find your most valuable feature requests

Sort by cumulative MRR for each feature request

Find important features for your key customer segment

Identify top requests for important customer segments
like customers on a specific plan, or who meet an MRR threshold

See requests from customers on your enterprise plan
See requests from customers paying more than $750/m

Identify features to build to reduce churn

View all feature requests from churned customers

Build features to win more deals

View feature requests from lost deals

Identify low-hanging feature requests

Quickly find features that are valuable (high priority) and easy (low effort)

Find feature requests from a specific user or account

See the features you've shipped (or not) for a user or account
- great before the renewal conversation!