New Feature 🥳: Saved Filters for Feature Requests

Are we on a roll with new features? Yes.

Do we think this one is especially useful? Also yes.

Basically: Now you can customize Savio by adding the feature request filters you use most.

Part of the reason Savio is so useful is because we empower you to slice and dice your feedback to easily identify the highest-impact features. We let you filter and sort based on customer attributes, and that’s really powerful.

Now, with saved filters, it’s even easier.

Here’s how it works.

Why save filters?

There are a few use cases when this could come in handy for you.

  • Imagine you’re a PM on the iOS app, and you’re regularly filtering to find the features under consideration that your enterprise customers have asked for. You can save a filter that excludes everything but features for the iOS app, requested by enterprise customers, with the status “under consideration”.

  • Imagine you’re a technical writer for your company’s web app product and you need a list of the features you have to write knowledge-base articles for. You can create a filter that excludes everything except “web app” features that have a “Shipped” status.

  • Imagine you’re on the customer success team, and you want to advocate for features that reduce churn, especially for high-value customers. You can save a filter to find all the features requested by churned customers with MRR over $500.

And so on. Saved filters make it easy for you to customize your Savio views so that you can easily filter for the feature requests that are relevant to your role.

How does it work?

Saving a new filter is really easy—just create a filter that you want…

… and then click the “+” icon to save the view as a new filter.

You’ll choose a name for the filter. You’ll also decide whether you want the filter just for your account, or, if you have an Admin or Owner role, you can share your saved filter with all the users on your team.

You can also re-order your filters in the way that makes the most sense for you…

… as well as hide filters that others might have shared with you, but that you don’t use.

I love it—what’s the next step?

Saved filters are currently available on all plans. To get the full step-by-step instructions, check out the knowledgebase article on canned filters.

Don’t use Savio yet? Sign up for a free trial to test it out. We’ll show you exactly how to supercharge your feedback collection and feature request tracking.

Note: We built the saved filters feature because you asked for it! Tell us what else you want to help us decide what to build next.

Last Updated: 23-11-2022

Kareem Mayan

Kareem is a co-founder at Savio. He's been prioritizing customer feedback professionally since 2001. He likes tea and tea snacks, and dislikes refraining from eating lots of tea snacks.

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